Tale weaver #279

What is your take on it?
Have you been involved in a protest?
Were you a part of a recent protest?
Write a story reflecting your response to this prompt.

I was never part of a protest. Nor would I want to be. I dont think people should be protesting right now. I think they are being very selfish, and are putting many lives at risk, I feel people need to calm down. We all matter, and there is always some cause that people are passionate about, for years protests for different causes have been happening. Its nothing new. But I think the recent ones have gotten way out of hand. I’m disgusted at peoples behaviour. Here in my city, which is cork in ireland, there was a huge protest last weekend, I didnt go, I wouldnt, I have no interest, although I do feel strongly about racism, but I just dont see what protesting about it is going to do for it. The protest that happened here last week was mostly young people, there was no trouble at it but there sure were a lot of people!

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Author: Carol anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

8 thoughts on “Tale weaver #279”

  1. I’m very much in-support of protests. I’ve never participated in one myself, although back when I was in college, I did travel to one of the Occupy Wall Street protests to interview some of the protesters and write a piece about them. But I was there as more of a press wannabe than a protester myself.
    I guess I think that while people have the right to protest, I don’t see protest as being very effective for long-term change. When they have a specific legislative goal sometimes they’re effective. I’d rather write about the issues I care about (not that I’m really allowed to write about race issues in my fiction-since I’m white-woke rules not my rules).

    I also have to say it seems very disingenuous to me how the media in my country have covered different protests. They thought the anti-lockdown protest was selfish and “violent” and covered it as such. Meanwhile the BLM protests literally led to the deaths of 24 people and they’re being covered as necessary and peaceful.
    The political agenda in how each of these protests were covered is super clear.

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  2. I did protest that we had no toilet paper at work! I was ready to go on strike for that!!!

    I had a flatmate who was such a lovely lovely man. We got chatting one night and I told him I was in Manchester as a teenager when an IRA bomb destroyed the city center. He told me that he used to be in the IRA. When he was a young man he got sick of being harrassed by police, being searched repeatedly and discriminated against. He began protesting. Some of the protests became violent. Later he became involved in more extreme activity.

    He has changed enormously. He said he realized that politics and fighting, protesting and extreme acts were not going to achieve the peace and security he hoped for. He compared trying to change the world by protesting to trying to straighten the deck chairs on the Titanic after it had already struck an iceberg.

    He was a lovely lovely man and after he left politics he started to devote himself to voluntary work and helping people change their attitudes through education and showing a real interest in them. He is still working in other lands as a volunteer. He has become a good friend of Jack’s too.


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