Racism isnt just in the USA!

I have watched in shock what happened to george floyd.
It is sad, so, so sad. I cannot believe some human beings, the lengths they will go to to show their hatred for others.
If you think racism is just in the US, you’d be so wrong!
Ireland now has a thriving black community, people have come here from many countries, including nigeria, cameroon, and lots of others.
I heard a show on the radio the other morning, they were talking about racism, and a 26 year old nigerian girl came on. She’d been in ireland since she was 14, and she said she gets racist comments every day when she’s out and about just trying to live her life.
No there are no protests here, but racism is definitely alive and kicking.
Its such a sad situation!
I do think though, that todays generation of kids are much more accepting of peoples skin color. They are just kinder, and I know for my niece, whose 12 she has black kids in her class, and she’s friends with them, she just accepts them for who they are which is how it should be.

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Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

26 thoughts on “Racism isnt just in the USA!”

  1. Truly sad and God is not please. I agree with “I do think though, that todays generation of kids are much more accepting of peoples skin color.” Let us keep praying but the true reality is not every heart will turn to the cross to see that Jesus Sacrificial Life Matters to save save our soul from this wicked world. Judgment Day is looking closer than ever.

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  2. I’ve wondered if racism is a problem in other countries, I’ve never seen it mentioned before your post. I agree that younger people are less likely to be racist, but I’ve seen a fair number of young people around here wearing racist items of clothing, like hats/shirts with the rebel flag and stickers and such on their cars/trucks. It’s a real problem. I was happy to see plenty of young (and older) people of all races at the protests here in Kokomo, which were mostly very peaceful despite the worries of some business owners.


    1. Rebel Flag..assuming you live in the USA? Also, isn’t it mainly still flown and used in the south? I have yet to make it down South yet, but I hear they still have a ton of racism, old religious beliefs and religion problems etc than say the north. I could be wrong though because like that it is here say, I haven’t traveled that far yet.


      1. Yes, in the US, not in the south, the racist losers are in the midwest, and probably everywhere else. There seem to be fewer officially sanctioned racist memorials and flag installations here than in the south, but they’re just now getting around to taking down such a memorial in Holiday Park in Indianapolis, just an hour south of here. The people wearing rebel flags love to say it’s not racist, it’s merely southern heritage. Of course, they’re lying, it’s racist.

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  3. Although racism is everywhere and it is all bad. There is a bit of a difference between receiving racial slurs and being killed in broad daylight by your local police officer that is suppose to serve and protect you. I have received racist comments and I am white…I have been attacked in black neighborhoods…but I wouldn’t compare my struggle to being killed by a police man that is suppose to be you know be all about the law. It was not just some holigan in the street spouting crap because their parents were too ignorant to teach them respect or random gang violence. THe problem with the George Floyd incident and why it has blown up so big is because these cops serve our governments. People we are suppose to rely on for safety. Racism is everywhere and it is not just against blacks, it is not just white supremacy either. There is racism and much far old fashioned countires where women are still treated as less than an object and there are no white people…Most countries that are most chaotic though are due to things like poverty though, or for example the middle east and their conflict with oil…or when the UK, USA etc decided to split the entire middle east up to their liking and our furhter problems with them.

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  4. I personally have lost most faith in humanity to the point it angers me. Animals are superior if you want my opinion. 🙂

    The USA has had a long going embedded race problem, there are many theories around this last one. The issue they are having is the government is not addressing it, they just want to shut down the riots but won’t think for two seconds what is causing the riots and outrage.

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  5. Only God can fix these injustices and it’s through his word that we learn how to love one another fully. 1st John 5:8. I hope you’ll enjoy this website free of charge to learn more about how Gods word brings us all (every nation) closer together.

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