My friend was tested last night for covid19

so my friend norma was tested for covid19 last night. the ambulance came to her house to test her. they arrived at 10:15 pm. thats pretty fucking late if you ask me, she was in bed and they rang her to say they were outside her door. so she had to get up and answer them and they came in all gowned up and did the test.  they also checked her blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen levels, and temperature. all were normal. so they said it is likely that she doesnt have the virus, but they couldnt say for sure.  she should have her results either late tonight or  if not then it will be monday.  she rang me after they left because I told her to call me once she’d been tested.  she said she felt headachy and weak, but other than the headache and some pain in her legs she is feeling ok today.  the ambulance guy said she may have another virus, not corona, but some other one.  she was worried that I was mad at her, i told her I wasnt.  she didnt know she might have it, if she did know she wouldnt have let me come over.  I know that.  she is just not that type of person that she’d put others at risk of becoming sick.  anyway. i hope she will be ok. and that the test was negative.  fingers crossed for a positive result.

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

22 thoughts on “My friend was tested last night for covid19”

  1. Two of my daughters were tested because they had a simply cold well a bit more than that but you have to be aware that you dont panic all the time. I think some people think too much of it and see the virus EVERYWHERE. My husband is a postman so he is on the streets all day but he is ok and our family too. My life is in the hands of God and he says how old I get and when I am going to die. Some people make to much of a fuss about EVERYTHING. And of course we wash our hands and of course we are two meters away from everyone but I do not hesitate and kiss my children whenever I want.

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  2. The panic is insane and people need to stop looking at fake news….I mean news. Lol. I was sent home from work a little over a month back due to a sore throat and a bit of a dry cough. I never got tested nor was I worried about getting tested or wasting time with emergency unless I say had a hard time breathing, which I didn’t other than the normal asthma like systems I get when I am sick because I am a smoker. I did get in touch with the covid hotline and my doctor who suggested self quarantine for two weeks just to be safe. Here is the thing I didn’t do it because I thought I had covid, my work wanted to send me home for being a little sick for 7 days with no pay. But if a doctor suggests self quarantine for a couple weeks because of suspicion of covid, our work pays for the time off. I cheated the system you could say maybe..but the cheap aholes would have rather paid me for two weeks instead of just a week after they SENT me home. so I didn’t feel all that bad. Think they should have just said look it is our fault we are sending you home as a precaution for 7 days so here’s pay instead they apparently rather pay out for two weeks. :/

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  3. The thing is…the survival rate of corona virus is actually really high, it is a little worse than getting the flu, sure it is a big concern for elderly, people with underlyning health issues and yes it is killing some healthy people. but not in huge numbers. There are assumptions we all had covid back in like November, nobody knew what it was so they called it some upper respiratory thing, because it was not the flu or the cold. Meaning I probably had it in November, because I did have some upper respitory virus thing going on which I had to go to the doctors about. The flu can be equally as scary to some people especially the elderly, or people with underlyning health issues. My friend and cousin who are diabtic when they get sick, it’s a risk every time. So people like this have to take precautions anyways and are very use to being extra safe. LIke yes covid is a bad thing, and it sucks there is no vaccine for it yet. BUT it could be a lot worse. The flu kills thousands of people every year, people die from poverty and other preventable causes etc you just don’t see it reported on the news. I am kinda heartless towards this whole covid thing, but between all the hype I don’t trust the news etc….I have many questions about it including is it even real or it is just some weird virus they are using to instill fear in all of us. That or it is man made and it was created for a reason. So right now I fear governments and people in society acting crazy more so than COVID 19. 😛

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    1. It’s totally in Otley insane, I do believe it’s man-made, well I think it is, it’s hard to say I suppose but I just think it is man-made. And it definitely has instilled fear in all of us. Just read on my Sky News app that people coming into the UK are going to be fined £1000 if they break the two week quarantine room, not sure about Ireland yet we don’t have any quarantine rules over here not yet anyway for people that arrive into the country I haven’t heard anything about it anyway. 😍💗💗


  4. I have to have my temperature take. Every single morning I walk into work and answer if I had any symptoms or not. No it’s not that big of a deal at all but every single freaking day? If I thought I was sick I would stay the hell home

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    1. Well exactly this is it you wouldn’t intentionally make anyone sick would you? I mean do these people think we are all nuts? No one is going to intentionally make anyone else sick

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  5. Oh dear that’s terrible. She does sound as if she has it. You need to self isolate for 14 days hun. Especially with your mom being so poorly. It’ll be hard not seeing her but it’s better than making her poorly too.

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