My Wednesday

I’ve had a great day. I didnt do much. Mom and my sister came over earlier, they spent about 2 hours here. Well mom did, my sister only spent an hour as she had to go to work. Mom hadnt been in my house in 8 weeks. She cleaned my yard for me, and she put on some laundry, and washed dishes and stuff. Me and my sister sorted out her phone, we had a job trying to unsubscribe her from those darn texts she’d been recieving. But my sis googled it and it looks like we were finally able to unsubscribe her. Thank god! She had gotten caught in some scam, as when we googled it it said it was a scam. I felt bad for her as she’d topped up her phone yesterday with 10 euro and the scammers took 7 euro of it. So I surprised her this afternoon and I sent her 10 euro so she’d be able to ring my dads sister in the UK. Sometimes its nice to just surprise someone. Plus it was a thank you for all she does for me. I had a phone apt with dr. barry that went very well. We got a lot off of our chest. Dr. barry didnt call until 1 PM. usually she calls at 10:30 or 11 but she said she was busy this morning. it didnt matter and I was able to talk to her when she did call. I had to ask her about some tests I am having, at the gyn hospital, its called a kolkoskopy, and she told me it is where they put a camera up and have a look around and take a biopsy. You see the last smear test I had I bled after it. So they are doing further investigations to see why I might have bled. I am dreading it but I wont worry too much yet as I dont have an appointment yet. I’ll worry when the appointment comes in. I am going to probably ask my mom to go with me. I am so nervous about it, due to my history of abuse, but I hope it’ll be ok. Dr. Bary said its more uncomfortable than painful. And I trust her as she’s a medical doctor and so she knows her stuff. After mom and my sis left I facetimed with sarah for a while, then I read for a while, and then I treated us to a chinese for dinner, we had sweet and sour chicken, and it was delicious. Now I am going to read again and I think I’ll have an early night. I am pretty wiped out and I feel exhausted tonight. But I am glad its been a good day.

Author: Carol anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

4 thoughts on “My Wednesday”

  1. Oh I’m so sorry your sister was scammed too. Glad you managed to sort it out.

    I’m so happy your Dr. Barry appt went well. The procedure sounds difficult indeed, but I’m glad you’re trying not to worry about it.

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