Mom got dooped

my mom had this horrible thing happen to her.
she was browsing on facebook, and there was what looked like a legitimate link to a competition for a well known store, it said they were giving away a voucher.
She clicked on it, entered, and now, it turns out it was a hoax, and as a result now, money is being taken out of her phone each week.
She has a prepayed phone, and if she tops up by 10 euro, about 7 euro is being taken out.
Its awful. People disgust me. How they will do anything to scam people out of money.
I am going to call her phone provider tomorrow, as I am the nominated person on her account, so they’ll talk to me. I really hope they can do something about it.
As it stands now, she cant top her phone up with money because the money is automatically taken each tuesday, and when the service messages come in, that say they have taken money, there is no unsubscribe link.
Fucking awful! Makes me so mad for her!


Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

18 thoughts on “Mom got dooped”

      1. Thanks for supporting me, it’s nice that people get what I’m going through with my mum, she’s not tech savvy so she just made a mistake and now she’s paying the price

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  1. That’s just horrible! Scammers on the internet are on the rise these days more so than before because monetary resources are running slim. This is a great reminder for everyone of us to check before doing anything online related.

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  2. It is very sad, but that is I never really click on links. I sometimes even get suspicious stuff sent to my phone or email. Facebook is actually not safe, and it never was. I watched a whole thing done on facebook presented by experts. They showed how easy it is to be stalked on facebook, hacked etc even if your settings are set to private. They showed people who post public stuff can have their patterns traced and hence be stalked. Their privacy settings are a joke. It is actually terrifying just how unsafe it is, and yet millions of people use it everyday. One of the reasons why I deleted facebook years ago was because of how unsafe it really is. I think it’s okay that people use it, as long as you aware of the risks so you can take the proper precautions. Nothing online is safe or 100% secure. Even without hackers, there are so many weirdos online too. You think there were weirdos in society before the internet, well now all those people can come online. It like tripled it and gave every walk of a life a place to gather. In some ways it’s good, and in other ways it’s dangerous.

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