About my travel to the USA

The travel agent just called me. I was meant to fly to colorado on May 20th. Well, obviously I cant go now because of all the coronavirus stuff. So I wasnt sure if I’d get my money back or if I’d just be given a voucher. Well the travel agent just told me that because united airlines havent canceled my flights, that they arent offering a refund, but they will give me a voucher, and the voucher is valid for 2 years. I took it, because my plan is still to go, so it will come in handy when I eventually rebook the flights. I dont know how united are still flying, I mean all non US residents are banned from entering the USA. The flight was going from london to colorado. So anyway, the travel agent said she’d apply for the voucher today, and it will stay on their global booking system, and when I go to rebook i can use it. I’m glad my money isnt wasted. I am sad I cant go now, but I will go, its just a mtter of when I can rebook it again. Hoping that will be soon.

Author: Carol anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

15 thoughts on “About my travel to the USA”

  1. I’m glad they gave you the voucher. In my opinion, this country is opening up too soon without valid and struct testing. I live in a state that has started reopening, we are in phase 1. I just don’t know what to think because we have all been so careful. The city I live in actually had the largest number of new confirmed cases and then we are reopening. Personally, I feel this has more to do with money and greed than anything else which is sad.
    We shall see😉

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  2. The whole thing is a loss cause….I am more scared of our economy and how it will rebound than I am of the corona virus. It is a lose lose really. You don’t reopen soon, your economy continues to crumble, the longer we stay closed the less likely it will rebound and you risk a failed economy. You reopen too soon and you risk people’s lives and the virus. I get that people think it is so easy to just say why can’t we shut down until this whole thing is over, but they fail to understand the risk our economy is taking. Leaders are caught between two losing battles, neither is a win scenario.

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      1. Trump is something else, he is the most entertaining president for sure, but that’s it. When it comes to being a leader um he is the worse. I thought President Bush was bad, but nothing compared to Trump. Sad thing is people actually voted for him. Dude, society is just cringe worthy. Like that USA great place to visit, it;s cheap too that is why I live here and not in Canada it was cheaper for me to immigrate here with my husband than him to immigrate to Canada. I question it though everyday. The USA has been in a very vulnerable place for sometime now, and the COVID thing didn’t help. The USA is facing very scary times. What’s worse is they have pissed the whole world off. The pandemic showed a lot of just how bad it is in the USA. How dependent they are on China, how they are suppose to be number 1 at everything, have the most advanced society and stuff etc it is so great here and blah blah blah…until the day they became number 1 of cases for the coronavirus. I am like it is like the time people believed they were number 1 (when they are actually not number 1 at anything) except for military spending and obesity. Sorry I love AMericans (well most of them), but their politics and just society is disgusting. The people need to take back their nation, but I fear it’s too late.

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      2. Exactly…If anything USA should have been one of the most successful at keeping the corona virus out or at least under control. Them seeing number 1 cases in the world was sad actually. A country that should have succeeded the most, failed yet again.

        Oh did you hear the latest studies are showing coronavirus existed in our societies before the first actual cases were reported? There was a weird upper respiratory thing going on back in November, I knew people who had to go to the hospital with complaints of problems breathing etc…They didn’t know what it was, they couldn’t call it the flu or a cold, the closest was pneumonia but it wasn’t pneumonia. So they called it ‘upper respitory infection’ or something…turns out those cases back then are now being tested with samples and are showing positive results for coronavirus. Same thing happened in Italy I think. The thing is I knew it…I am like I was sick with the same symptoms way back last year, maybe I had it. I don’t know.

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      3. It has me scared too, especially with so many theories going around. I don’t know what could be true, what is not etc…I don’t really trust anything and it has really just gotten me really confused. COVID 19 is now the number 2 cause of death per week. I don’t think like over all. It has me thinking was this man made and all apart of some plan. If it’s not how do we beat it etc….

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