8 thoughts on “πŸ˜‡πŸ’žπŸ˜š”

      1. What version of JAWS do you use? In JAWS 2020 at least in the Dutch one, I press insert+spacebar, then B, then E while the cursor is on an image. It then says something like β€œimage description is being executed” and after a few seconds, a new window is opened with the description. I will look up for you whether the commands are the same in English and with what version it started.

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      2. Oh, just looked it up. The commands for image description are insert+spacebar, then O in English and then A for A for a photo from the camera or scanner, F for an image on a web page (what I described above), S for the entire screen. I’m not 100% sure but just google image description keystrokes JAWS and the first search result that pops up is from Freedom Scientific.

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