Trolls! would ya look at this?

Someone named joyce just sent me an email, basically saying I didnt agree with her because I didnt post her comments. Its not true! I havent even looked at my comments today yet, and when I do, I’ll post them all, unless they are clearly spam! I am not going to not post someones comments just because I dont agree or I think their opinion is not valid! I think everyone has a valid opinion and can post if they want to and if I dont agree, then I dont agree, but well oh well thats just how it is!
I am not particularly thrilled with this email she sent, I mean, it seems as if this Joyce person is wanting to troll, well, joyce, sorry to say but I am not in the mood!
I will post your comments, unless you are abusing me or abusing my readers, then I wont!
There is no need to send me a nasty email claiming I shouldnt be blogging just because I took my time approving your comments!
Heres her message to me!

Message: Seems as if your not willing to post the comments that disagree with what you have to say ? Cant handle people who disagree with you ? Or just think your opinion is the only one that matters . Maybe you shouldnt be a blogger or post on a public type forum if you cant handle people who dont agree with you.


Author: Carol anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

22 thoughts on “Trolls! would ya look at this?”

  1. Sounds jerky to me, gotta say. I have noticed a few frankly rude and ignorant comments being left for people lately, and it isn’t usually like that. One man, an older gentleman recovering froma knee injury, lives out in the wild and his wife drove him to look at the wild ponies and trees, and his photos were of nobody else anywhere, just the wild ponies running free and muddy ground that was hard to walk on, and somebody wrote to him saying he should be staying in and not giving people illnesses, when he was out in the middle of wild nature all by himself! Amazing. Another person who writes a lot wrote very briefly about something that she was grateful for one day this week, and somebody else scolded her and said they were disappointed that she wasn’t grateful for more, like food or her family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems unkind to comment on other people’s posts when you don’t even know their circumstances…people need to maybe not get all worked up because, as they used to say, ‘SOMEBODY ON THE INTERNET IS WRONG!’ We’re all doing our best.

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    1. Yeah! Truth! But, I think these were spammers anyhow! I’ve just seen 3 comments from 3 different people, and I knew by the email addresses that they were spam so I rejected them! So glad I moderate all comments! It does pay off!

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      1. You have so many followers that they would maybe get a bit of an audience or some attention, so that’s good to avoid. I get spam that doesn’t even add up to more than a link to go to their site, or ones that try to give me lessons on how to write a blog (as if I care!). It all gets flushed.


  2. Went through a similar situation and it was a horrible feeling to be wrongfully attacked like that so I’m sorry you had to go to this. It’s so weird how she tells you she you should stop blogging if you can’t handle criticism- like maybe she should read the thousands of other blogs out there if she doesn’t agree with you instead of sending nasty emails to strangers on the Internet…

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    1. Well I found out it’s just a spammer, not even a real person because I replied to the email they sent and I got an undelivered email back to say that there was no such account it was in a OL email address but there is no AOL account with that of address

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      1. Do they really get a kick out of it I mean do they think people are actually going to reply I know I did this time because I wasn’t sure if it was a spammer until I got an undelivered email back after I replied

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  3. Wow! Some people can be so mean. I’ve lost comments to spam before where I forgot to check the spam filter, but if someone sent me a nasty email, it wouldn’t make me want to approve their comment even more.

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  4. Oh wow, I was going to say that she must be not only mean and jerky but somehow strangely self-absorbed or something if she thinks you have nothing better to do other than look through your comments to see if Joyce has written something, and if you don’t approve her comment right away it means to her that you are her enemy, but if it’s a spammer, obviously it clears everything. I’ve never seen such intrusive and provocative kind of spam though.
    Another thing is that, it’s fine if you seriously want your blog to be a free and openn space and allow people to say whatever they want as long as it’s not spammy or abusive, and it’s true that your blog is publicly visible obviously, but it doesn’t make it a public place automatically, because you are the owner and you decide what type of comments you do approve, and what not and why and it’s only up to you, so she shouldn’t make such a drama because you don’t approve some comments, even if you seriously did so. You have every right to do that, and she has social media and the like to post freely. Personally I believe that since my blog is mine, I don’t have to approve comments that don’t sit right with me. That doesn’t mean I would block everyone whose opinion is different than mine or whose views I don’t like, absolutely not, but if I’d consider something uncomfortable/annoying/triggering/indecent etc. I wouldn’t hesitate and just delete it. But then again, I did it only once with a non spammy comment so far.


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