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I rang the travel agents this morning to find out what I needed to do regarding my trip in May. The girl I spoke to said that for now we just need to hold tight, the travel bann is on for 30 days, after 30 days Donald trump might revoke it. If not and if it goes on for longer, she said they’ll be putting measures in place to either refund people their money, or else you can rebook your flights for a later time. Personally I do think the bann will go on for longer than the 30 days. I’m pretty certain it will. I doubt this coronavirus will be over and done with in 30 days. If by some miracle the bann is only for a month, then I probably will end up going in may as planned. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. The last thing I wanna do is get sick, or get sick in another country but I’m being positive, and hoping for the best outcome possible. If all comes to all I’ll get a refund and just book the trip for later on in the year, it will all work out in the end i’m sure.

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

31 thoughts on “Travel Update”

  1. It makes sense to wait and see as long as you don’t lose money by doing so.

    They cancelled the national tarot conference that I go to every year. It’s about 200 psychic people, and interestingly many of us did not book our hotel rooms in advance, for the first and only time on record. It turned out we were the smart ones, since it got cancelled and somehow I personally just couldn’t see me there this year, somehow, even when they sent out emails asking people to book the rooms. It reassures me to have right and not just lazy!


      1. The people were good. They have a payment plan over the year, so they take an amount out of the bank every month, and they are willing to either refund it right now or credit it for next year, but if you need it before next year, they’ll give it back. They’re good and not trying to exploit it.

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      2. They’re really nice people and it was a disappointment for everybody that we can’t get together. Maybe next year will be better. At least I don’t have to go there next month and admit I didn’t finish my book yet, since many others are already published big deal folks, although most are really sweet.

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      3. It gives me another chance to get cracking, and I am glad I started. The one lady who just published another book is sort of a support person for me, so I have to get going to have something to show her. It’s good incentive, plus has the option of me wimping out!

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  2. I’m happy to hear there are options and that there is a plan in place. Here in the US they just closed up public gathering places like restraunts, bars, gyms and movie theaters. The dates I have been hearing range from April 7th to beyond into May and June.
    You are so right too, you wouldn’t want to get sick so far from home. Praying for you and everybody else my dear🙏❤


  3. You’ll probably enjoy it more at a later date 🔆even if we got the green light travel sooner than expected, there’d still be lots of other knock-on disruptions with hotels and services elsewhere being closed or short staffed etc…. hold on. Happy travels 🤗

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    1. It’s true, I will island joy it more when I go later on in the year, for now I need to just wait it out and see what happens see how far ahead it will be before I can actually travel until then I’m happy to wait 😙😉

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  4. Temporarily canceling the trip is the right decision, because no one can guarantee when this virus is finished. while we stay at home is the right choice


  5. It is such a shame that travel plans are being cancelled and we have no definite end goal! I guess the positive news is everyone is in the same boat, I cant wait for the ban to be lifted so I can return to Thailand! Where is your trip to?

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