Yes, I am still blind…

Omg guys! I am so irritated!
I get this payment once a month. It is called blind welfare allowance, and it is payed to all blind people in ireland, the cheque goes into my bank account once a month.
So last week I got a review form to fill out. It gets reviewed once a year, to make sure none of your circumstances have changed. Which is fine, I understand that they need to do this.
But earlier in the week I got a phone call from a welfare officer, she said she needed to call out to my house and meet me. She said she’d ring in advance, but she didnt, she just arrived at my door this morning!
Good thing I was up and dressed lol!
Anyway, she arrived, asked me if I get a welfare payment each week, when I said yes, she asked me which one do I get, and how long I’ve been getting it!
Then she goes, ok, so I’ve met you, thats all I need, I’ll let the office know I’ve met you! And with that, she was gone!
I think she just wanted to make sure I was still blind! Lol! Imagine it! I am hardly going to get my sight back overnight now am I? I was just like, whatever!
It really irked me if I am totally honest!
The fact I am recieving blind welfare allowance, means I am blind for goodness sake!
Ah well, we’re all good now for another year at least!

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

29 thoughts on “Yes, I am still blind…”

  1. Just imagine all the resources they use to ‘check’ on people. I understand that it needs to be done in some cases but with other it seems really unnecessary. Where I live they started also to ‘evaluate’ people’s benefits. That means that when some people who were ‘not fit for work anymore’ due to physical or mental illness, now are going to be reevaluated every 5 years or so. I mean it’s not like we’re able to grow back an arm or a leg or a new brain for that matter. They should look more closely who they evaluate (imo).

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  2. It is probably because they are looking for any reason to kick people off of benefits so they can save money. It is really sad. The same stuff happens here and the ridiculous thing is they spend more money trying to catch people doing something wrong than they pay out in benefits anyway!

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    1. Truth! They do want people off of them! I hadn’t thought of that but its true! They’re only hoping for a reason to get me off of it, which there might be in a few months time if I start working, but at least I am honest and I will tell them if I do go to work!

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  3. So, not to scare you but, if this happened in Canada, one would be cautious and wonder if this was someone was scouting out your home for a future break-in. The government here generally sends letters (yes letters in the mail) requesting anything new so you know it’s legit.

    That being said, I have never been on any disability payments from the government so maybe they do this here too. If your dealing with a private disability insurer, I would still think they would request in writing first to set up an appointment just so you are not letting a fraudulent person in your home.

    So glad that it all seemed legit because you didn’t suspect anything was wrong during the visit. But I always have my guard up with unannounced visitors.


    1. Don’t worry, your not scaring me! The lady who called today phoned me on Tuesday to say she was going to be making a house call. So I knew she’d be coming, otherwise I wouldn’t have opened the door, the welfare officers over here do this sort of thing sometimes.

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  4. My thought is that people misrepresent them self or doubt others so the government suddenly decides to check up since its often illegal to just ask or be suspicious!

    Once, here in the US, this guy… complete quadriplegic in a advanced power wheelchair. He was talking about hiring caregivers and he said the one he had the shortest lasted 10min… apparently he hired or tried a trial run with a caregiver and she arrives at his house… looks at him and says, she didn’t believe he was disabled /paralyzed and pulls him out of his chair!!!!!!


    Sooo the checking on status of blindness doesn’t surprise me!!


  5. I am glad social security in the states does not do that. They’d get a firsthand look at my fight or flight panic attacks as I hate being caught off guard by unexpected visitors. Then they’d get to see my mood swing at breakneck speed. No, I am much better with written snail mail letters. Last time I got a call it was some scammer saying my social security number was suspended due to fraudlent activity and I almost fainted, the panic attack was so brutual. But I hung up on them, Googled the number, and piled onto the others on the scam reporting website.
    Causing me all that physical and mental stress trying to what, get blood from a stone? I can’t even afford to use a laundromat to dry laundry, so if money was their end game, boy, did they call the wrong number, lol.

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  6. Oh my goodness how I hate such things. Apart from that they seem to focus way too much on evaluating people’s elligibility all the time and it’s probably the problem in every single country, even if you did regain your sight overnight miraculously, wouldn’t you let them know you are no longer blind and don’t need the benefits? I would, ’cause apart from purely ethical stuff I was sort of limiting myself by staying on benefits while being able-bodied. Really, it’s like they think receiving benefits is such a great situation to be in that people would not go off them voluntarily when they no longer need them and are able to work.

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