54 thoughts on “Carol Anne asks”

      1. Sure. The people I was friends with there argued about politics all the time, and everything got so nasty. It just gave me a bad feeling to read all the mean stuff they’d say day in and day out. Some of them would quit being friends over things in the news. And I didn’t want to take sides, but sometimes they’d want me to. It got really stressful.

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  1. I enjoy it, but only connect with people I know. There are still a bunch of fake accounts. I’m also not into politics or any of that nonsense. If anyone posts something like that in my feed, I unfollow them. I just don’t want that negativity in my life. Besides that, I love it. My newsfeed has great articles my friends post, funny videos, and great quotes.

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      1. Yeah! Just be careful and only accept people in your network that you’ve met, worked with, went to school with, or are relatives. It’s a shame it has to be this way, but there’s a lot of tomfoolery going on in a lot of the social media channels. ~Dave

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  2. I closed my account two-three years ago. I had already de-activated it in 2015 but it seemed as though someone or something had got into it.
    Anyway, after I stopped using it, I would say my social life improved. I did lose a lot of β€˜friends’ but I feel that I gained real people 😊

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      1. Each to their own – I mean, I didn’t like that most people didn’t respond to my posts on Facebook (so my friends weren’t being friendly, in my mind) and I disliked the like button (hence the lack of one on my WP site). So, one way or another it increased my feelings of isolation and anxiety.
        I find WP so much better because I perceive it as a channel for ideas rather than egos. Plus, if a stranger from outside my social circle takes an interest, that’s a bonus 😊 (NB friends and family almost never read my blog.)


  3. I run a corporate facebook account for my other half, so it’s connected to his personal facebook account. Every time I log in to update the corporate page I see the statuses of his friends and I’m reminded that he’s got some really idiotic friends.

    Don’t tell him I said that.
    Actually, he knows his friends are idiots. it’s fine.

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  4. Like a lot of things in life, moderation is the key. On the one hand, it can be toxic, addictive and there is a lot of negative stuff out there. On the other hand, I enjoy it because I have children and grandchildren scattered all over the USA and through FB I can see pictures of my grandchildren, great grandchildren. I can also share with them pictures of my travels. Last year we moved over 350 miles from our home state and with FB I can stay in touch with old friends. Key is to ignore the negative – and you don’t have to follow those who are negative and enjoy the positive.

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  5. I use it less and less. It’s good for keeping up to date on local activities – I follow our town’s site – but otherwise, I’m not enjoying it. I refuse to do those “repost this if” posts as I think they are just scams to eke out information. I guess FaceBook lost my trust because of the media coverage after the last US election.

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  6. It has become a parents and relatives get together place in India. WhatsApo too. You have to be very careful what you post what you comment because one wrong comment from you (or even your friends in a post you’re tagged on) can become gossip for the aunts πŸ˜‚

    Instagram is still safe from them.

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  7. Can’t be bothered with it. I have one family member who is so negative online but doesn’t want to listen to anyone’s advise, and unfortunately will never change. Another person who won’t allow any pics of herself unless distorted with ridiculous apps, she’s nearly 50 and doesn’t care about the message she’s giving to her 8 year old daughter.


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