My dog is now a senior

Nitro is 9 years old now. Oh my god! 9! How did he get here?

I rang his vet this morning. I wanted to check when his next check up is due.

She told me to bring him in in april. He gets a check up every six months. She said if I am worried about him to bring him in sooner.

She asked me if he’s losing weight, I said, no, quite the opposite. I think he’s gained some weight.

I’m not actually worried about him at all. He does have a little lump on his ear, its like a wart, but the last time he was at the vets I got her to check it. She said it was nothing and if he was ever under anastetic she’d remove it then.

He’s in good health. I think he’s getting a touch of artheritis though poor guy. He can still run around though, and he can still jump on the bed, so I don’t think its that bad.

I hope he is going to live for at least another 5 years. All going well, he should. I just cannot imagine my life without him in it and I hope I don’t have too for a very long time.

Author: Carol anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

12 thoughts on “My dog is now a senior”

  1. He’ll do great for years!

    Our Labrador, Phoebe is 14, which is very old for a Lab, and she’s just starting to show signs of arthritis. Her brother Charcoal is only a bit younger, we’re not sure how much though. He’s doing great, although his hearing isn’t what it once was.

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    1. Yeah my dad‘s dog biggie is 13 1/2 and his hearing is going as well. I think it goes when they get older my friend had a guy dog and her dog hearing went around that time too she had to clapper hands really loud if she wanted the dog to come to her


  2. Glad Nitro is well. We have Sherky only two years but I can’t imagine life without her either. Its going to be hard when the times come but greyhounds can become up to 15 years old so we have anotver ten years 😙🙋‍♀️🐝

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