Tomorrow I can chill out, yay!

So tomorrow is going to be a chill day. I am so relieved! I’ve been so busy lately. I need a day or two to just chill out!

My moms going to come over for an hour or two and I am going to help her with her forms for disability, she says I am good at wording things, she needs to say how her COPD is effecting her life, and she wants me to help her word it correctly.

She’s bringing me lunch, some soup and a sandwich. Its homemade soup yum yum! She’s also cooking some chicken for me and seasoning it with hot korean pepper spices! I love them! I will have that for dinner with a baked potato.

I will have my PA coming in the evening tomorrow. She’ll just do some housework. Other than those two things, I can have a chill day, I will enjoy my relaxation time!

I napped again today, but that is fine, as no plans tomorrow or on thursday, so that gives me a little leeway to get my sleep back in order.

Me and Nitro are enjoying some quiet time now. I watched an episode of my 600 pound life on tv, it was so sad. The lady who was on it was 640 pounds, and she was trying to get weight loss surgery to help her lose some weight. She was only 34 years old.

Then I started watching abducted in plain sight, a documentary on net flicks, a true crime documentary. I only watched half of it, and will watch the other half tomorrow evening.

I will also watch operation transformation tomorrow evening, after my PA leaves. Ok well, I am off to make some tea! Emily wants a cup of tea and then we will read for a little while!

Author: Carol anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

14 thoughts on “Tomorrow I can chill out, yay!”

  1. Enjoy your chill out day!

    I need a chill out day soon! At the moment I am working around 60 hours a week. I have some time on Sundays to relax, but not all day Sunday. Once January is out of the way, I hope my schedule will settle down, but I am already feeling sooooooo tired!!! Still…I just keep on telling myself to keep going and make sure I sleep and eat properly.

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      1. Don’t worry Carol Anne. I am only working extra to help out though. I don’t earn much, but what I do earn is more than I need. To me the extra money is not worth the time I have lost doing more important things. But there simply are not enough people to cover all the hours at work at the moment. it is unfair not to be willing to help cover the extra shifts.
        Plus, I need to take holidays soon. i have three weeks I have to take before the end of March, someone will need to cover for me. Also, I am going away in the summer. So the others will need to cover my hours.

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      2. The three weeks coming up I will use on visiting family with Jack.

        In the summer, i will go abroad. Where we will go is on the table. We would like to do some volunteer work abroad as well as having a holiday. But we will see.

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  2. Not sure about the process in Ireland but I have always found for my disability reviews that it helps to include a personal note explaining exactly how your condition hinders you from doing basic things, how it impacts your mental state, and your desire to do everything in your power to seek treatments.
    Just a thought but I’ve had 3 reviews and they said my personal letter really weighed in their judgment not to deny or stop my claim. Worth a try.

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