Can you stop with the treats?

My dad is a bloody nightmare! He keeps giving Nitro dog biscuits, and anything that he can find that Nitro can eat! I keep telling him Nitro doesnt need the treats, but he doesnt listen!
The girls at work are the same! They keep getting nitro dog treats, and even got him some sausages recently from the chip shop next door to our office.
Nitro is getting fatter by the minute! I am losing my rag!
I dont want him to be too overweight! But nobody listens to me!
Its so irritating! I am not sure how I can fix this but I know I need to!
Anyone got some good ideas for me? How do I tell all these people, that, they’re killing my dog!
I’m not pleased about all this!
I dont want my boy to develop arthritis!
I hope I will be able to get through to my dad soon! And I am not to worried about work, as sometimes Nitro doesnt come with me, and, if I say no to the girls in the office, they dont try to override my decision.
Its my dad, he’s tough to deal with! He loves dogs, and he’s a soft touch!
I hope someone has a good idea for me on how to make him stop? I suppose I’ll just have to say, clearly, your shortening Nitros life!
And hope he’ll listen to that!

Author: Carol anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

24 thoughts on “Can you stop with the treats?”

  1. Dog biscuits are packed with rubbish. Can you tell your dad you are only giving him healthy treats now like carrot for the sake of his teeth? If he’s a feeder it might be easier to switch up what he’s giving, rather than ask him to give nothing at all.

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  2. If you haven’t told your dad yet directly about what he’s really doing to Nitro, I would as soon as possible. He needs to know that he’s harming him when he gives him too much food. Perhaps he’s thinking he just wants to be nice for him and make Nitro like him, and doesn’t understand why you don’t let him? Maybe there’s another way around it, I mean some other thing he could do for Nitro instead that he likes? And, I have no personal experience with guide dogs, but is it seriously allowed for other people than you to feed him? If you have talked to your dad about it in a serious way, telling him what exactly is the problem and he just doesn’t want to cooperate, then I’d be ragin’. It’s hard to deal with such people and my Dad is very similar. When he sets his mind to something you have to use some skillful techniques and a lot of the right kind of persuasion to get his mind of it. He just enjoys doing things that annoy other people so you can’t show how irritating it is. I hope your dad is not a hopeless case and with the right argumentation will understand that it’s bad for Nitro to eat too much. It must be really frustrating to you.

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    1. Well other people aren’t allowed to feed them from the table or anything and my dad doesn’t do that but what he does do is give treats sometimes when he’s giving his own dog treats. I need to stop him from doing that, some of you have given me a really good suggestions, thank you I appreciate that

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  3. I am so very sorry Carol, this must be extremely frustrating and I would have to be very bold and tell people “no thank you” Nitro is a very important part of my life and I need him healthy. I would hope people would listen to you.

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