carol anne asks…

What scares you the most about the future?


Author: Carol anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

30 thoughts on “carol anne asks…”

    1. Yes. That part scares me too. I dont want my mom or dad to be ill, and at the moment my dads not in the best of health, he has bowel issues, and brittle bones. Mom has COPD so I have legitimate worries.


  1. To me, the scariest part of the future is that we are raising a bunch of kids who no longer seem to have the ability to think or to reason. They only spew out words and ideas, because they “sound good” or are the “popular” ideas, without really knowing the outcome of those words and ideas. They don’t want to work and they they don’t want to think, because they want everyone else to take care of them, so they don’t have to do it for themselves. We are raising a bunch of robots. I for one, DO NOT ever want to live in a world like this.


  2. Many things.

    One of my biggest concerns is the extreme left nationalistic state that the US is turning to. Nothing good can come of it. It means so many bad (evil) things to so many people. There is a lot of good in our country, but the bad is rapidly catching, maybe already surpassing that. I understand that people in many nations consider us, as a people and country to be evil. That saddens me. Especially as there is truth in it.

    The right-wing conservative government that we are progressively voting into place will try to cut a lot of social programs, including my insurance and disability income. If that happens, I’d have nowhere to live, and with no home and no meds, I’d be one of those wild-looking homeless people wandering around downtown. So would my wife, she has bipolar and other illnesses just as bad as mine. None of our kids are likely to be in a financial situation where they can pay for our meds, so that’s out.

    Climate change is a real concern also. I’m hoping to live another 30 or more years, and I suspect things will be getting pretty bad by then. I’m much more worried about my kids and grandkids who’ll live to see worse. We’re leaving such a messed-up world for them, once again due to wealthy conservatives, who will be insulated by their wealth and won’t experience much of it anyway because they are older. They know that too, so all they worry about is wealth today and the next few years.

    There are a lot of other worries as well, but those are more than enough at one time.


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