Bee’s Poem of the Day: Pondering…

Hello my dears, are you rocking, rolling or strolling? Oh dear, my wording does get worse and worse doesn’t it? But maybe I made you smile and then  my day was worth it.

I am waiting. Waiting for my DBS checks to go through and start a new job and a volunteering opportunity. Met the local library manager yesterday because I applied to offer a coding club. He was rather happy to have someone doing it as he set up his library for a coding center two years ago but never found anyone to do it. Life is strange.

No, I have not much coding experience and am learning myself but as far as I can see I am more needed to fascilitate the group and can learn on the go too. Am so looking forward to it.

Suddenly all seems to fall into place. And I ponder where I come from and where I want to go to. Still. Again. Always.


Still pondering life

my minds frazzled melodies

Wild geese arriving


May you have a happy day!!!!

Author: 🇪🇺 Bee Halton

🇪🇺🐝 bi~lingual: English/German, future Pirate, elder in training, learner of code and other pearls of wisdom, rebel for life, thinker, 🌻 🙋‍♀️ Poetess, Blogger ☕ 💑 happily married 2 best husband in world 🌎 & 🌼 proudly owned by a rescue greyhound. 🇪🇺

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