My summer reading list is…

Sarahs writing prompt for this week is My summer reading list is

Are you sure you wanna know?
Well, I am going to start reading a series soon, it will either be the in death series by Jd robb, or the hannah swensen series by joanne fluke, I havent really ever read a series, I also would love to try to get into the harry potter books, yes, go on, laugh, I’ve never read them, can you imagine that?

I’ve been reading a stolen life by Jacee dugart, and I also reread cathy glass’s book called will you love me as I love that one. I read two of Paula lights books, those were excellent short reads.
I am also reading just a child by sammy woodhouse right now.
I also have the new maggie hartley book on my to read list for the rest of the summer!
I want to start reading a bit more fiction, and I do have a few books in mind to start reading, lisa jenova, beverly barton, some danielle steele, and emma hannigans latest.
what do you have on your to read list right now? And what are you currently reading?


Author: Carol anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

7 thoughts on “My summer reading list is…”

  1. Hey, it is me. I am still trying to get through Harry Potter series. I am on the 5th book and only have a few chapters left but cannot seem to get through. Just don’t have the attention span. After Harry, there are a few social justice books I want to read. The hate u give is one of them, white Fragility I started but it is a tough book. Really examines white racism and calls it out. Blows my mind. Also started Trail of Tears. It is another hard book as again, white people destroyed the Native people of America to gain their land. I bought a bunch of other history books. Don’t think I will get through them this year. But they are there. Always a book to read, right?


  2. I read some books from the In Death series some years ago, I guess I read most of the series, but didn’t really get into it, guess it just wasn’t much my style, but there definitely is a lot of suspense and I liked the main character – Eve Dallas – and I think you will like these books. I’ve never read Harry Potter either, I usually feel a bit put off when everyone else loves something and I don’t love it just to be quirky haha, but also I’m just not into fantasy whatsoever, apart from loving “Lord Of The Rings”. I read Maggie Hartley’s new book last week and it was so interesting, but also I think the saddest foster care memoir I’ve ever read, I felt so sorry for the poor children! Now I’m reading “The Silent Witness” by Casey Watson, am almost at the end of it, it’s really engrossing too. I have a long to read list but I don’t know yet what exactly from it I will read next. I guess I feel like reading some light fiction so we’ll see.


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