work, slimming world, and my bad puppy!

well I decided I am going into work! I have to go in! I need distraction! I need to keep busy! So in I will go! I have 2 hours though before I get picked up. 2 hours to chill…yay. I am a busy bee today. What with my pa coming this morning, then work, and then slimming world this evening. I’m sure I’m going to be up tonight at weigh in. I cant see how I wont be up. when I gave up last week, I decided to eat what I wanted for a few days, before I decided I’d actually go back to slimming world again. So that means a bad result. If I am down it will be a miracle. We will see I suppose. I’m going tonight anyway and hoping for a miracle. But if I am up I am up. I’ll take it on the chin and just try to start fresh for next week so that next week I will be down. I’m going to a new slimming world group tonight. New group, new consultant. My consultant isn’t going to be there though, she’s on holidays, so we have a fill in one instead. But the actual consultant knows I am coming, because I spoke to her on the phone last week. I am excited to start with a new group but a little nervous too. Change is hard for me, and I got on well at the old group, so I am hoping this new one will also be a success. I’ll keep you posted. Please cross your fingers I’ll have a good result, or if not that I will not be up by too much. I got all of my housework done so my house looks fab now all clean and tidy. That’s one positive. Nitro was a bad puppy though. I was eating an orange and I had two segments of it in my hand. I gave him one piece and then he came over and took the other one out of my hand, he was so quick that I couldn’t stop him. Such a cutie, but oh so bad! I hope he enjoyed it. I didn’t think he’d like oranges. I thought dogs didn’t like them because of the citrus taste of them. But he ate it. He’d eat anything I sware guys! Anyway off to make a nice cup of coffee now and then read for a while. Catch you all later!

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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