This weeks dr. Barry appointment was awesome!

Well it was, when I finally got in to see her! I had a looong wait before I saw her! Like 2 hours of a wait! While I waited I played on my phone. Then a junior doctor came and called me, I almost freaked out! I am totally not used to junior doctors having anything to do with me! I told him I was waiting to see dr. barry. He was ok with it, said oh, and went back in to the office with my file. Finally dr. barry came to get me!
She told me the reason for the long wait was that they are down 2 doctors, some of the junior doctors who were meant to be coming on her team in July dropped out, so now they have to advertise the jobs and that will take a while! So it might be september before things go back to normal and they have the correct quota of doctors on the team again!
I asked her first about next week, about seeing her since Eileen is on holidays. She said that she wouldnt be able to see me, only because the clinic was already so full but that she would ask Sarah the community psychiatric nurse who worked with me before to do a phone check in with me. I said I was ok with that. I dont mind as long as someone checks in. I know sarah, she is very nice, so it will be fine. I will see Dr. barry the following week as normal.
Then I told her about the depression. And about our sleep issues. She asked me about meds, was I taking them as prescribed. I didnt lie, I told her I was trying to, but sometimes when I dissociate I forget. I told her I might be missing 2 or 3 doses in a week. But that I have reminders set, and I am trying my hardest to remember them.
She said she’d increase my prozac to 40 mg. And she gave me more haldol too. Another weeks supply of it. It does help me when I take it. I dont take the haldol every night, just when I have to, when things get really bad with my sleep. I already handed my prescription in to the pharmacy. They’ll deliver it on Friday. She only gave me a two week supply of the prozac, she said she’d renew it the next time I see her.
Those were the main things we discussed. It wasnt a long appointment this time, as there was a lot of people waiting to be seen, I didnt mind as I discussed the important things with her. Taylor wanted to talk to her, but I said no not this time. Things were too busy and I said if they calm down by the next time we see her that I will let her talk to her then.


Author: Carol anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

5 thoughts on “This weeks dr. Barry appointment was awesome!”

  1. So glad that your appointment was so good, even if a bit shorter than normal. And I hope the increase in meds will help and that so will the check in with Sarah. Pity though that Taylor couldn’t talk to dr Barry.


    1. She didnt really mind not talking to her, when I explained things to her she was ok about it, Im sure dr. barry wouldnt have minded, but she was under a little bit of pressure for time today. Xox


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