A work situation has really made an impact on me

So last week, I went with my supervisor to a womans house, to fix her TV. The lady is 87 years old. She had had no tv for the last 3 years, since digital tv was brought in for our local channels. She has no family, and so basically she’s been in the house on her own every day, for the last 3 years, looking at the four walls.

My supervisor warned me that the house was in a bad way. And the lady in question had severe hygiene problems, she wouldnt let anyone in to wash her, and she doesnt wash herself. So she smelled really badly and so did the house. It made me feel so sad for her.

Imagine at 87 years old to live like this? It really got to me to see someone in that state. My supervisor and I knocked on her door, and at first she wouldnt open the door to us, but then eventually when my supervisor told her it was us, she did open it.

My supervisor told her I was blind and one of the volunteers, and she was very friendly to me, I didnt know her, as she gets a call in the morning and I usually dont work mornings so I’ve never spoken to her before.

This whole situation has really really impacted me deeply. For the whole week I’ve thought about it and about her. I cant put her out of my mind. I just feel incredibly sad for this poor lady.

My supervisor had her whole house deep cleaned a few months ago, but now its right back to being filthy again, and there is even faeces everywhere, we dont know what she’s doing to have it be like this, but obviously whatever she’s doing or trying to do to clean herself isnt working.

We did fix her tv, and then we left, but I was sad to have to leave her in such a state, but there really was nothing more we could do. Her home help was going to come in later on in the afternoon, and my supervisor did say she’d try to have her house deep cleaned again as soon as she could arrange for someone to go in and do it.

Its a desperately sad situation though! Makes me grateful for what I have and who I have around me.

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Author: Carol anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

14 thoughts on “A work situation has really made an impact on me”

  1. Poor lady! I’m glad you and your supervisor were able to help her. It reminds me of the Irish documentary I saw about Loneliness being an epidemic over there. It’s so strange to me, as Ireland is not a big big country.. Over here in the States, it’s not unusual for people to fall through the cracks.

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