The days will come to an end or where is my sanity gone?

Hi peeps, shall we go for another historical journey? Last week I gave you a little history and literature lesson. This week we go looking for my sanity which surely is gone missing somewhere along the watchtower ;-).

Since I know the title of this song I always think of the Reichstag in Berlin in the late 80’s. I went there for the first time in summer 1987 with school. Little did we know that two years later the watchtower that we could see in the cafeteria in the Reichstag would be gone. GDR soldiers kept a keen eye on us though a window and we all knew the GDR secret service had microphones hidden somewhere in the building.

My aversion of keeping people out of a country and building walls comes from growing up in 70’s and 80’s Germany and having family over at the other side of the wall. If you have ever travelled over a border where your passport is taken away while you travel through mined land and you are watched by soldiers with machine guns in their hands just to visit your family then you know that walls are not the answer and we are all humans. We deserve to share our democracies. But what do I know?

And what does this have to do with my missing sanity? No idea πŸ™‚

I just never felt sane or fitting in or that I understood how society works. So there you have it πŸ™‚

Carol Anne’s prompt for my poem for this week is “My Sanity” and this is what came up:

The days will come to an end or where is my sanity gone?

Those days

These days

The last days

will come











insane greed


in sanity

mine but where?

Author: Bee Halton

🐝 bi~lingual: English/German, learner of code and other pearls of wisdom, rebel for life, thinker, 🌻 πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Poetess, Blogger β˜• πŸ’‘ happily married 2 best husband in world 🌎 & 🌼 proudly owned by a rescue greyhound.

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