June 19th, week 3, mental health:working on us series

Becky has started a wonderful series on her blog, called, working on us!
I thought I’d participate this week!
The prompt is below! And my answers to the questions too!
First though the rules!

Each week I will ask a question or questions pertaining to mental health and add a photo prompt. Your job, if you so choose to join along, is to write a post on your own blog, and creating a ping-back to the original post.

It is up to you the reader to decide how you want to answer questions and/or photo prompt. If you want to write a non-fictional or fictional piece, poetry, whatever Whatever you choose to do, I will, therefore, reblog what you have written. This is one way to not only promote your site but also spread awareness to all things mental health related.

As an added bonus Since there are so many different mental health illnesses/disorders, YOU, the blogger can send me a comment as to what you would like to be the next question (s), and they will be addressed in future posts.

What is the reason behind the Mental Health Prompts of Working on Us (?) Its fairly simple actually. Id like this series to be an all-inclusive mental health community blog in order to be a source of more support towards one another. Ideas, suggestions, and advice can be shared amongst the group.

And this weeks prompt is…

Here are a few coping statements, do you agree or disagree? Even if your answer is yes or no, please explain:

  1. This situation of sitting on a fully packed train either makes you feel uncomfortable or unpleasant, but I can accept it? I can accept it, I do feel pretty uncomfortable, but its a managable feeling, I am ok in crowds mostly, I dont get too anxious, not unless I am already struggling with anxiety from something else thats going on with me.
  2. Can I ride out the wave of anxiety, or do I feel like I need professional help now? I try to ride it out mostly, but I do also think I need help. I take meds, I talk to my therapist and psychiatrist, their input is valuable and really helps me process how I am feeling.
  3. Do you practice coping skills? If so, what works best for you? Journaling, reading, listening to music, walking on my treadmill, talking to friends, watching a show on tv, a

cup of tea, a shower.


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Author: Carol anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

14 thoughts on “June 19th, week 3, mental health:working on us series”

  1. Very difficult for me to do the fully packed train thing. Lots of anxiety plus I will think about ppl on trains back in 1930s Germany, etc. I did take crowded buses in Chicago, which was okay because you could see out the window, but I saved the trains for non rush hours.

    I cope alone. It’s best. No one understands me or gets my issues. I like writing/reading. And silence. I save up energy to socialize on weekends a little.

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  2. Hello, Carol Anne! Thank you for participating in the “Working on us” Series! I, myself, am very fearful of crowds… so, you are a hell of a lot stronger than me in that department. LOL! Thank goodness you have such a strong support system for when your anxieties are heightened. That is really good!
    I’m so pleased you joined in this week. Thank you, again!

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