work and napping and and and…

well, i ended up going in to work. i wasnt going to but then I felt bad, since I knew they’d kinda be depending on me. so in I went. I am glad I did too. They did need me as someone else that usually does Tuesdays didnt show up. So I had double the amount of calls to make. I got them all done in 3 hours which is good considering the amount I had to make. My supervisor had told me she’d pick me up, but then at the last minute she texted me to say she was held up and she was sending my other colleague to pick me up. I was worried then about whether or not she’d be back in the office after lunch, since she usually emails me on my list of clients that I need to call. But in the meantime until she got back my colleague emailed me a list to get me started. Then when my supervisor came in she emailed me another one. So I was kept going. It was good, though. All of the clients were doing well. There was no crises that came up thankfully. I’m getting to know some other clients, than the normal list of clients that I call, since lately I’ve been doing extra calls and so I am not doing my usual 30 or so client list. Its nice to get to know other clients who are on our books. At around 3 Pm my colleague dropped me back home. I hadnt taken nitro in to th e office, he’s shedding really badly and so I left him at home because I figured he’d be ok there and I didnt want him getting hair all over the office when he starts shaking. So he stayed home, and he was fine, when I got home I fed him, gave him some more water and then I was done for. I had to go take a nap. I’d been up since 1 AM. So I napped for 3 hours. Like I think I said last night or maybe I didnt, but I know I’ve said it recently, I am napping when I am able to. I know its bad and I should stay up and sleep at a decent time of the night, but I dont sleep soundly at night, I feel safer sleeping during the day. So I napped and now I feel much better. I need to eat something but I am too lazy to cook anything, I could have a slimming world meal but I dont fancy that either. So I just ate a banana, and if I get hungry again later on I can have cerial. I need to tackle the rest of my assignment which is 1 3rd of the way done. I am not feeling it though. Not in the mood. I will probably do the second entry in a little while. I’ll see how things go. Right now my mood is good. I hope it stays like that.


Author: Carol anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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