Not just my verse, your two two too

Rory of a guy named bloke and k9 doodlepup has created the not just my verse, your two two too challenge, and he has tagged me to play along!
check out the full post here!

Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two Too!

I will choose a topic, write four lines of Rhyming Verse then l will tag one of my readers who will in turn add four lines of Rhyming Verse to my mine and Tag one of their own readers, and then it is a case of wash rinse repeat and lets see how far our topic goes in so far as a Rhyme?

Once the poem [Verse] leaves my blog, the next blogger along can take it where ever they want with regards their own four line verse but always staying on topic.

Got it?

The day is as long, as the night is young,
Four more lines of verse, to make another rhyme,
What topic shall we do to have some fun..
This time?

Ooooh l know

The Mysterious Case of Twas Not Twas!

I am sure, well pretty sure NO, of course l am sure!
Twas not twas, twas not there before!
And yet, here l am looking upon it with widened eyes
This thing that twasnt, and yet now it twas a surprise!

Then Paula of light motifs continued the verse with the following lines…

When I told my friends what had transpired,
They laughed and said I must be a liar,
For things like THAT surely are not real;
Then it came back and said lets make a deal.

Then fandango of this, that and the other continued with the following lines…

So it wants to make a deal?
Well that does have some appeal.
I asked it, Whatsit all about?
And that twas when it started to shout,

Christine of poetry for healing continued with…

Yes, whatsit all about Alfie?
Do you have bats in your belfry?
Was it this or was it that?
I know twasnt tit for tat,

Christian of tales from the mind of christian continued it next…

Are you following all this closely?
Whats that you say? Mostly?
Well then, youre far cleverer than I,
When you inherit lunacy, embrace the sky,

Victoria was next with…

Following your twas, I could not twist,
Did you all think, that I had missed?
Betwixt and between all of that,
I am quickly passing your baton back

And now its my turn as rory tagged me so I will add…

What to say here

What to do

I am lost

So now I think its going to be down to you

I am passing this on to Teresa of the haunted wordsmith

Have fun!


Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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