Clamming up…losing my words…

I have so much I wanna say. I cant. I am lost for words.

My chest is tight my stomach hurts.

I feel clammy, sick, sweaty.

I am losing my shit. I wanna talk but I cant. I need to. I just cant though.

Everything is wrong. So much going on. I just need someone to hear me. Hear what I am not saying…


Author: Carol anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

8 thoughts on “Clamming up…losing my words…”

  1. Hi, Carol Anne and Others: I think you know that I have DID too. I keep having new Parts coming out. Don’t really like when they do – it’s confusing – but my T, who is an expert in trauma and DID, says it is very important that we listen to them – they are parts who protected me when impossible things were happening – and we welcome them back. I know you have Parts too – could this be a Part coming out – someone maybe very young, before speech, or very scared to come out?? Would it make any sense to you to hug that Part, ask Part what she/he/it needs? Relax with a nice cup of tea and welcome New Part – Thank New Part (who is really almost a sold as you!) for all the help they have given you for many many years??
    PS If it is an angry Part, be sure to tell it anger is Fine! and Eileen will be glad to meet it too! TS


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