What I’ve noticed

I noticed something today. When we sleep during the day, we get much better quality of sleep. We dont do well by night. Nights are super hard for us. Night time is a huge trigger. It is when the worst stuff happened to us. So sleeping during night time is super hard for us. But when we nap during the day, we feel safer. I think that napping during the day is ok, if we are able to, and if we have nothing on. I’m going to try to do that more. If it means sleep is better for us then, thats good. I’ll take that. It beats being triggered at night. Having littles out who are upset and very fearful. That always happens for us during the night. Actually, the kids are way more active at night, I’ve noticed that also. Its a pattern. I think they’re drawn out at night due to their triggers and fears. I need to discuss this with Eileen today. I think I’ll talk to her this morning about it. See what her thoughts are on it.

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Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

12 thoughts on “What I’ve noticed”

  1. It’s too bad your sleep is better in the daytime because nighttime is when the kids shouldn’t be out but sleeping themselves. Catching up on the body’s sleep is important though and you should probably do it whenever you can. I’m still surprised you haven’t had a sleep study as it might cross out any physical reasons why you have trouble sleeping. In your case, it’s probably more mental than physical, but it wouldn’t hurt to see. xxx


  2. Yes, do talk to Eileen about it. That’s interesting and makes perfect sense, and yes, if it’s easier for you this way then I also wouldn’t give up on naps, but overall you know that night sleep is better and more important, so if there would be a way to reverse this pattern, that would be the best option I guess. I also agree with DebraKate on the sleep study thing, if you could have something like that, if that’s accessible for you that is, ’cause in my experience it’s not that easy to get it, it would be worth doing maybe, even if the thing isn’t somatic but only about the trauma.

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    1. Yes I’m definitely going to look into a sleep study, I’ll ask my GP, see if he knows anything about getting one done. I did talk with Eileen and we worked a bit on memories related to sleeping so that was good at least we were able to get some work done around it

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  3. I get better power naps during the day than an entire night of start and stop sleep. Plus, the days in this town are so stressful with my family constantly popping in, night time is my only peace, I’d prefer to be awake then. Sadly, being a parent vetoes this during summer but a ghoul can dream. 😉
    People should just sleep when it suits them best, forget traditional standards and ‘you should do this at this time’….Boooring.


  4. You guys are triggered while asleep? Or you are triggered and have a hard time getting to sleep? I’m just trying to understand better. And I hope Eileen has some good sound advice for you all. I’m sure she does, she sounds like such a smart and lovely lady. xoxo


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