Work crisis update

So I’m sitting here in the office. I’m about to make a start on my call list. But first I thought I’d update on the situation I wrote about the other day, the guy who was in the psych ward and was being released tomorrow.

So my supervisor went and cleaned his flat where he lives. She got a lot of bags of rubbish out of there. She dumped all that. Then she organised a few supports put a few in place for him so that when he comes out he’ll have extra supports.

She put meals on wheels in place, that means he’ll get a hot meal 4 times a week, cooked for him, and brought to his house for him. Then she also got on to the local housing authority, as his shower is broken. She also got on to an occupational therapist, as he needs help to cut his food, and other equipment that will aid him since he is so disabled physically.

We found out the reason that he was put in the psych ward after the argument he had with his family, was because he tried to kill himself, that’s what ended him up in there.

My supervisor didn’t get out of the office on Friday until close to six pm. She did a lot for this guy. Then this morning my colleague trish finished working on the case. So now he’s all set up and hoping that when he gets out tomorrow that he’ll be ok.

At least he’ll have some extra support anyway. We’re hoping to get him on the friendly call service, but we’re not sure he’ll want to come on the service, we’re going to talk to him about it though, well my supervisor will.

Author: Carol anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

6 thoughts on “Work crisis update”

  1. Sounds like he needs a lot of help. Not just mentally, bit physically and I bet he has been struggling for some time and found it hard to ask for help, or talk about things. Let’s hope he will accept all the help he is offered, to help him in the best way you all can.


      1. If he is so grateful for the help, then that sounds good. It sounds like he was at a desperate point. I hope things slowly improve for him and that he reaches out for anything else.


  2. I hope he does okay. I used to work with the OT department in hospital and also with the community supports that we have available to patients who may need extra support upon discharge. My question is the family – I hope they are supportive and willing to help him. I know you can’t disclose details, but this is so familiar to me….and my work. When people are sent home without the proper tools and support system in place, things can go so work, so quickly. :(. Sounds like your team is amazing in making sure patients are well cared for after they leave hospital. I hope he works through his demons and comes out on the other side never, ever feeling like he would be better off not being here. xx. Your understanding of what some of these patients go through, on such a personal and deep level, must make you exceptionally good at what you do. xx. Not surprised in the least, by the way :).


    1. Thanks, Grainne. Unfortunately his family arent supportive. The family are very disfunctional. He has little in the way of support, that is why we’re trying to be there for him as much as we can. Xxx

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