7 years

You remember my cousin who died this year of liver cancer? Her name was Alison. She was fifty remember?
Well her son was on remand, for a drugs charge, he’s 28. Well, found out today he got 7 years, I guess drugs charges are serious, I didnt think what he did was that bad, but then tonight my mom told me he was caught selling drugs, so yes, it is that bad.
I feel sad for him. Now he’ll be in prison until he is in his mid to late 30’s. I know it was his choice to sell drugs, but really there was more to it, he grew up in a part of london that is full of gangs, and so it was kinda a given he was going to do something like this. His life was mapped out for him.
Now he’s in prison, and also grieving the loss of his mom, who he was very close to.
I think when he does get out of there, he’ll be far worse off than he is now. He’ll probably be angry, and rebel or do something else, I think his life wont get any easier once his time in prison is done.
The family didnt need this devastation, his sister and grandparents and aunts and uncle all didnt need more on top of what their already dealing with. A sad sad situation for everyone involved.

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Author: Carol anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

4 thoughts on “7 years”

  1. I’m so sorry. You are very right: there are so many societal factors that lead people to make self destructive and criminal choices. The better response would be to address those issues and ensure that ex inmates don’t get trapped in a cycle where they are compelled to return to illegal activities because no one will hire them when they get out of prison and their trauma, addiction and often lack of education, health and other mental supports weren’t addressed during that time so they are stable and have a fighting chance. A prison sentence is too often the end of any real hopes for productive employment even long after rehabilitation. And..that sucks and costs society more in the long run than treating root causes and helping people make a turnaround. I hope your cousin beats the odds, and I suspect knowing you recognize the full extent of the circumstances that helped drive him to those bad choices will be a comfort to him in the future. You (all) are very compassionate in your writing towards others. (And remember to keep showing that same level of compassion and understanding that you automatically show to others to yourselves when things are rough ;-))


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