been so non compliant

I have a confession. I’ve been really bad about taking our meds. I haven’t taken them consistently lately. I need to try to change it. Its not that I don’t want to take them, I do. Its that dissociation makes it really hard as we keep forgetting to take them. We’ll be really great at taking them for a few weeks, then we just start forgetting again. I’ve tried lots of strategies to remind myself. I’ve put reminders in my phone. I’ve put the tablets in a place where I will see them. I’ve used an app to help me remember. But still we keep forgetting. I am going to start fresh tonight. Go in a few minutes while I’m thinking about it and take the meds. Has anyone got any good suggestions for me of a way to try to remind me to take them? Does anyone else have trouble remembering medication? If so what has worked for you? Maybe it would work for me too? I am really at a loss as to what I can do! I want to comply with my treatment, I want to feel better. I’ve just realised that the fact I am not consistently taking my meds is probably adding to our depression and low mood! The prazosin helps with nightmares, and we’ve had way more of them lately since not taking that consistently. So any help or advice you guys can offer is appreciated!

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

18 thoughts on “been so non compliant”

  1. Oh, that sucks so much. That would explain though why you’re feeling so awfully recently. I can imagine that when dissociation goes in the way, it must be really tricky for you guys to remember such things, and even reminders might not work. I really hope there can be some strategy that can help you. I only take my med on an as needed basis so I can’t give you any advice unfortunately.

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    1. Yeah it’s hard I hope someone has some advice for me, I feel awful not taking them, I think I’ll talk to Doctor Barry next week about it, she knows about the inconsistency already she knows we have problems with taking them


  2. I would make sure that there is more than you that nee4ds to remember to take hyour meds as I would imagine there are those in the system who don’t care one way or the other whether you take them or not. Tell as many people inside as you can who care about the meds, so that if you are disassociating and happen to go in at a certain time, whoever is out will remember to take them. Also, I have an Amazon Dot and I ask her to remind me to do certain things at a certain time.

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  3. When forgetting is part of the basic issue then it is a challenge to keep up the treatment which should be done frequently. I see you already use all possible methods to remind yourself. I have no further idea than that other people remind you!

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  4. I would buy a small travel pill case and keep your meds with you at all times. Then set a phone reminder to verbally speak to you all to say “take your meds”…over and over until you shut it off. There are very loud apps that will do that, and they help!


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