Dr. Barry apt. Progress in our mental health treatment!

we saw dr. barry today. it had been a whole month since we’d seen her! i cant believe we went 1 month without an appointment! we did have one on the 13th, but we were in the UK then, so we had to miss it.
it was a relief to be seeing her again! i missed her so much! we all did!
i filled her in on how we are doing, i told her about the depression being bad lately, and the dissociation and ptsd symptoms ramping up a lot lately.
she was very understanding. she said we’d keep an eye on things.
we got to talking about hospitalisation, and i asked her to check how long it has been since we’ve been in the psych ward! she checked, and its coming up on our 2 year anniversary of not being in there! so no admissions in the last two years! the last one was in 2017. we were admitted on the week of our birthday that year.
dr. barry couldnt believe it! she said she’d known it was a while, but she didnt realise it had been so long since we were in there!
i cant quite believe it either! when i think of it in those terms, we’ve definitely made a lot of progress in the last 2 years.
we talked about our meds, and dr. barry said thats another area where we’ve made great strides. she said now we arent on too many meds at all, where as going back a few years we were on a lot. we still struggle sometimes with taking them consistently, but overall we’re doing much better with that too.
we talked about starting the trevicta, which is the 3 monthly shot we’re on, and she said looking back, that us having that assessment in 2014 in the locked unit was the best thing that happened for us, as that is when they changed us to the shot, and since then we’ve thrived.
so it was a good apt. i was so happy with how it went. i came out of there feeling great! we made another apt for 2 weeks time. so even though we’re struggling a lot with some symptoms right now, in some ways we’re also doing really well, at least thats my opinion on the matter anyway.

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Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

10 thoughts on “Dr. Barry apt. Progress in our mental health treatment!”

  1. Yay for you! Prepare yourself if you read my current post…For all my griping… I actually had a positive experience with my psych nurse today. Maybe speaking up to the clinic director was a good move on my part. I walked out feeling good and that is a change I welcome.
    You are very fortunate to have such a wonderful care team. When you talk about Eileen and how present she is for you, I get a little jealous. I wish I had that. But at least one of us does which means there’s hope. ❀

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