Bee’s Poem of the Day – Ode to my Cysts


I got the second prompt from Tweetspeakpoetry and it is:

The Prompt, Based on Barkat’s Poem

Barkat creates irresistible sounds by employing “expert vocabulary,”
or specific words from a field, such as gardening. Write a poem that catalogs a variety of words you may not commonly use—it could be language from ice hockey, chemistry, or raising guinea pigs. Doing a bit
of research first is okay. Play with the words and enjoy the sounds
of them bumping and crashing together.

That’s gonna be fun. I am soon off to the hospital to have my breast examined. I notoriously get cysts. Didn’t really want to go because it seems to be the same all the time. But this one is rather big so after I got told off by my friends I go and am going to write an “ode to my cysts” when waiting there.

Find the words I am using here at Breast Cancer Care (and if you are one of those who skipped any cancer screening test go and make an appointment because you never know…)


I am on my way now… Google says 44 minutes but I do not trust Google (or my sense of following Google’s directions 😁)


Made it in 55 minutes 😁


Signed in ready to verse 🤪


Called in 🙄

12.25 back out 😍

13.25 back home and versing at last 😁

Ode to my cyst

You benign growth of mine

Many of you

Have I “treasured”

Jobless Lobules

Embedded in glandular tissue.


Fibrous I am.


But Mother Nature is kind.

Benign you are

Alas quite big

But benign you are!!!!

Just in case you are interested: yes it was a cyst and apparently the biggest they have ever emptied at 55ml. What a whopper. No wonder it hurt. Usual I have about half that and they say then it’s big.

So my faith in the NHS is restored because I fully expected having to come back for more procedures. The powers that be shall bless that doctor and the nurse!!!!

May you have a wonderful Saturday and if you want to celebrate with me the wonderful invention our breasts are (sorry gentlemen… 😁) then feel free to dance like no one’s watching 😘

Author: Bee Halton

🐝 bi~lingual: English/German, learner of code and other pearls of wisdom, rebel for life, thinker, 🌻 🙋‍♀️ Poetess, Blogger ☕ 💑 happily married 2 best husband in world 🌎 & 🌼 proudly owned by a rescue greyhound.

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