Bee’s Poem of the Day ~ Love Your Self

Hi everybody, how are you doing today? I had a great walk in the morning with our dog Sherky who was rather exhausted afterwards. She encountered other more or less friendly dogs, sheep and swans! How exciting!!!!

Sherky and Swans
Description for visually impaired readers: head of black greyhound in foreground. She stands on bank of Dilham Canal looking at three swans who are resting there. Background the other bank, a wooden bridge and water running from a pipe

We went home and she went upstairs to her bed and I haven’t seen her since 🙂

I am very excited too to take part in Carol Anne’s “Love Yourself Challenge” with my other blog “Bee SelfCaring” and can only encourage you to take part too. Its good to remember what we like about ourselves. Have a great day and weekend!!!!


Love Your Self

Love is all you need they sang

long ago.

Your Self longs for your

love daily.


Who knows?!


Author: Bee Halton

Poetess 🌱 Coffee & Tea Mug Creator ☕ Photo Sharer 🎏 Blogger 🍾 Happily married to Andy Halton ❤ Proudly owned by Sherky Greyhound 🐶

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