Didnt go to the doctor after all

so I didnt end up going to my gp. I decided not to because I decided they probably wouldnt give me an apt. Its pretty hard almost next to impossible now to get an apt to see anyone, you literally have to give a weeks notice if you want to see someone. You cant just be sick one day and say you’d like to see a doctor. Its a crazy situation really. So my Pa came, and we went to the local store. I bought some paracetamol which is for the types of symptoms I am having. I also bought some throat sweets. That will do for now. I am actually not feeling too bad right now, so I am going to go volunteering. I wasnt going to go but then I decided I would. They are depending on me, and I dont feel too crappy so getting out of the house will do me good I think. I also got my money out of the ATM. I need to sort the money out before I leave. Mom is going to get me some english stirling and I also owe her for the flights. I just texted my supervisor to ask her if she’s picking me up. She said she would pick me up at 1:45. Other than that my PA cleaned, we got the cleaning done in record time. It was great. There really wasnt that much to do anyway, since I wasnt here all week. I’m going to take two tablets before I leave, just to keep my symptoms at bay. I have to come home and cook, so I dont want to have a symptom flare up, or otherwise I may not be able to do it.

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Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

12 thoughts on “Didnt go to the doctor after all”

    1. I still feel really bad today. I’m waiting and waiting, I probably should just go to the doctor, I doubt he’ll give me something, I think he’ll say its just a virus. xox


  1. I know that it takes more than a week to get an appointment, so I went to the urgent care when I had the flu two months ago. The doctor gave me prescription but said that the flu would run its cycle for 10 days anyway. He asked me to hang on to the prescription for another week. By the time the week was over, the flu was toward the end also. So it tells me that the medication won’t stop the cold/flu right away.
    Hope you get better soon. ❤


      1. No, I live in ireland full time, but I do have to go to the UK next week for my cousins funeral. But thats probably why I mentioned doing the presentation for college on my return. xox


  2. That’s great you felt good enough to go volunteering, and that actually despite being ill you still felt motivated enough to go. Please take care of yourself though and don’t overextend yourself. I hope the Paracetamol will help.


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