My new addiction!

Wanna know what my new addiction is? You guessed it, netflix!
I am in love! I have a new tv, a 40 inch flat screen tv. I am streaming netflix on my apple tv, and its totally accessible to me!I am in heaven! The only thing is, I’ve spent so much time scrolling through what is there to watch, and I havent even picked some shows to binge watch yet, because I am spending all of my tme seeing what is there to enjoy!
I did start watching fuller house, I love it. I loved full house as a kid, and the show is a remake of the old classic show, with all the children in the show now being adults. Its really good, a light show, entertaining, and non triggering which is what I need right now.
Anyone know of good shows, or can recommend some to me? I am pretty diverse, I like a lot of genres, I like medical shows, crime shows, documentaries, most things really, except science fiction and I am not a huge fan of horror either.
I’d love to know what you have binge watched, loved, hated, or are addicted to watching!


Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

32 thoughts on “My new addiction!”

      1. I do have amazon prime, sometimes I find some interesting things on there. I tend to stick to one show at a time and binge watch it lol. I do have a firestick and can stream some channels from that so I also like The Good Doctor on ABC.

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  1. I binge watched all the Marvel series such as Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, the Defenders before they are taken off. I also like Thir Ragnarok and Black Panther and Guardians of the Galxy. I guess they could be called fantasy, scifi, but I love the superhero movies. I liked the Last Kingdom, the West Wing, the Tudors, Once Upon a Time, Jack Ryan. I like action, fantasy, history, you name it.

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    1. I’ve never seen any of the marvel series. I think it sucks that they take things down, I know they add new stuff, but why take some things down? why not leave it all there for us to enjoy? I have prime to and I like that, amazon prime I mean. xox

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  2. Do you have electronic glasses for the blind, or do you just listen to the programs? My son’s girlfriend just got her electronic glasses which she is still learning how to use. She is legally blind but can see things really close up. Anyway…I tend to favor mysteries, crime dramas, medical and police shows, and horror. I watched all of Sons of Anarchy, Orange is the New Black, and The Walking Dead. 100 was good but I didn’t finish it, and we are currently watching one called Safe when we have time. I hope you enjoy!!

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    1. No I don’t have the electronic glasses, are use audio description, most of the shows on Netflix are now audio described there is a method to turn it on on my Apple TV and once it’s on if I show is described it comes on automatically, it’s fabulous

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      1. Audio description is where the programme has description of an audio nature going through it, where there’s no talking, the audio description describes the action on the screen, down to what they are doing, wearing, etc, its really good. xox

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