Bee’s Poem of the Day ~ Change

Oh, dear…

I wanted to really write a poem a day for Carol Anne & company but I somehow end up doing it every two days. Well, let’s be mindful about it and accept the situation :-). Better every two days than none…

I know why I got distracted yesterday. Did our weekly shop which isn’t that big usually because we feed ourselves on about 45£ a week (two adults, 1-2 teenagers and a dog (it works with a brilliantly cheap farm shop for fruit and veg and some extra money here and there). However, we have decided to try some vegan cheese recipes out and I needed to adjust what we get.

And some parts I didn’t get so I had to figure out how to get it online and be able to pay for it. Sorted now. And I am so excited to try these recipes out next week. Not all, of course. And no, we haven’t gone vegan. I am still not sure if it makes sense to skip the dairy to do something about climate change but start using stuff that comes from the other end of the world and uses aeroplanes.

I will research that and let you know to what conclusions I’ve come. Also if the cheeses are as delicious as these people claim :-).

So that is the newest from Bee and a little poem here:


here we go again

no sense to wait for politicians

be the change you want to see


here we go again…

Author: Bee Halton

Poetess 🌱 Coffee & Tea Mug Creator ☕ Photo Sharer 🎏 Blogger 🍾 Happily married to Andy Halton ❤ Proudly owned by Sherky Greyhound 🐶

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