Quiet morning

I’ve had a very quiet and chill morning. Very relaxed and not too busy. I’ve been watching tv, downloading books, and just messing around online. I decided that I wouldnt go to visit my friend Norma today. We talked on the phone instead. I also talked to mom. I might nap in the afternoon. I’ll see how I feel, whether I am tired enough to nap or not. I may not, I may just wait and go to bed early tonight. I had to call the vets surgery, that is where I get nitros food. I am almost out of dog food. I thought they’d be open today but I forgot its a bank holiday here so everywhere or almost everywhere is closed. I was going to ask them if I can pay for the food over the phone, as I need my visa card, and if I cant do it over the phone, then I will have to give my visa card to mom, so she can buy the food for me on thursday when she goes grocery shopping. But I need the card myself on Friday. So we’ll see. I’m thinking I should be able to pay over the phone. I’ll call them back tomorrow and check it out. I might read in a little while. I havent read any more of my book since yesterday morning. I just made myself some lunch. Im trying to be really mindful of my food choices this week so that I’ll be down a few pounds when I go to slimming world on Wednesday night. I hope I will be down. I am eating lots of fruit and I havent had any bread or very little bread. I havent had any crisps or chocolate either. No junk food. Im also trying to make my christmas present list, a list of who I need to buy for this year. I want to go into town on saturday and do a little shopping, both for christmas presents, and for some new clothes for myself, mainly jeans and tops. Mom said she’d take me so that will be cool. I like going with mom, she knows what I like to wear, and also, I like spending time with her just the two of us. She told me on the phone she’d try to call to me some day this week if she is able too. Well thats about it for now, catch ya’ll later peeps!

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Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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