Question of the day

Where would you love to visit before you die?
Me, I’d love to go to canada. I have always wanted to see it. Its a dream of mine, so I am hopeful some day it will come true.
And you? Is there one place you’d love to travel to or see?
Do tell all!


Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

18 thoughts on “Question of the day”

  1. I would love to travel to the UK. My entire family grew up there and I was the first in my family to be born in Australia. I love Australia, but to see my heritage would be amazing.


      1. Ha ha Yea I hear that alot. If you leave them alone they normally leave you alone. It’s really beautiful here, hope you can make it here one day. Will be well worth it.


      2. The weather is tempting me! I love that australia gets such beautiful weather! And christmas on a beach, wow! Do the spiders come into peoples homes? are they big?


      3. I’ve never had a cold winter … so that would be an amazing experience for me. They are big and they do visit occasionally but they are normally more scared of you than you r of them. You’ll be fine.


  2. I have many placesI’d like to visit. I’d like to go to Sweden once again, and also to the UK – all the countries in it, plus to Cornwall too, – besides, to Ireland (and visit you hahaha ), Finland, Netherlands and Faroe Islands. Oh and I’d love to go to Swedish and Finnish Lapland. So that’s quite a lot I guess.

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  3. I was born and raised in Canada and I can definitely say it is worth the visit. Although all of Canada is beautiful and worth seeing for unique reasons etc, I really recommend British Columbia (Rocky Mountains, few remote beautiful areas. Wildlife, ocean etc) I haven’t been to Quebec but it is very highly recommended to visit Quebec City and Montreal. But yes all of Canada is amazing. πŸ˜€

    There are a few different places on my bucket list. Ireland, Scotland, Australia and the Grand Canyon to name a few. I have only visited some of the States and most of Canada so there are quite a lot of places I would love to travel. I would say Ireland and The Grand Canyon right now are the highest on my list. xD It use to be Australia growing up but although I still want to really visit, the obsession has worn off since I got older. Lol

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    1. Parts of Ireland are really nice there is a lot of scenery and a lot to do there I think you’d like it πŸ™‚ I like living here but my dream is to live in the USA preferably with my partner but not sure I’ll ever get to move there we’ll see I guess πŸ™‚

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      1. I only live in the USA now because of my husband. Although there are beautiful parts of the USA like the west coast, Grand Canyon etc the USA is not really my dream place to live. I disagree strongly with the politics and the belief of you have to be a slave driver to survive. Nothing about the USA is really socialized and it makes it hard to live here. Health insurance is really expensive and when you don’t have insurance it can be up to 6,000 or more for one trip to the ER. Doctors visits are also really pricey with no insurance. You can get insurance through work but it comes out of your pay check normally at a costly amount and you are lucky if you get to keep it after retirement. Insurance also causes people to work way passed retirement. A lot of people cancel their health insurance after their job beacuse it is so costly. Even education is not that socialized. Teachers now have to pay for most of their own supplies etc. It’s a joke. USA does not take care of their people really at all and it is very money based. The line between poor and rich is absolutely disgusting. No middle class, you are either super poor or super rich. I love visiting the USA and I am okay for now living here with my hubby, but in the future we may even try to go back to Canada or somewhere else. USA is really over rated and it is not as great or as free as people make it out to be. There is a reason why the world doesn’t like the USA and it is not because of their ‘freedoms.’ Living here now I especially can see why they get so much flack. Haha The fact they allowed Trump to be president rather elections are legit or not speaks for itself. πŸ˜›


      2. Yes. i was talking to a friend about this very thing. She was saying how the US everyone is out for themselves, and there very individualistic. I had to agree. We’re not like that here. We look out for our neighbours and friends and for one another. xox

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