Flu shot

so i got my flu shot. it was not painful at all. i thought it would be. i was pleasantly surprised.

i told the nurse to tell me when she was going to put the needle in my arm. she did that and everything went ok. it was over in a matter of seconds. am very pleased its done and over with now!

I asked her to book me in for bloods. She looked and said I hadnt had a full blood panel done since 2016. So she booked me in. The soonest I could get was for two weeks time. So on the 19th I will go have my blood taken, my liver, kidneys, and cholesterol checked. I will also have an A1C. And other bloods done as well.

I’m glad I dont go to my GP’S surgery very often. The wait is a killer! There was plenty of people lining up to see the nurse! Ah well, its all over now for another year. And hopefully I can avoid the flu or a nasty strain of it at least.

Virus-free. www.avg.com

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

14 thoughts on “Flu shot”

  1. I never get a flu shot and rarely get the flu. I don’t really believe in flu shots personally either cause sometimes they make you sick anyways because that is how they are suppose to work. I often use to get sick after getting a flu shot so it kinda ended up being a lose lose anyways. Because if I do get the flu that is going around that year anyways it will prevent me the same the flu shot does. I am also horrified of needles and have been since I had a terrible incident as a child at the hospital when my parents took me in for tests. I am slowly getting over it however as last year I had to get my blood taken for the first time and had a round of a few immunizations at the same time that was manatory for my immigration to the USA. I had my blood taken and a couple shots on the same day and then had to come back and get one more. Oh and they also FORCED me to get the flu shot, even though it is not forced on Americans to get the flu shot. I was mad because it was like 50 bucks here to get it. I am like I get it I am an immigrant from Canada and all, but like why am I paying 50 dollars for a stupid flu shot that Americans don’t have to get. Haha. I understood why I had to get the other immunizations updated but not the flu shot. Also sometimes the flu shot doesn’t even work and then people wonder why , it’s because they have to find the right combination of virus/f;u etc that is going around that year and it can change always.


      1. Haha Yeah, yay for USA medicine. 😛 I could get the flu shot at my work for free as an employee and they told me I can even go to the pharmacy at work and get it during work hours. I didn’t get it though cause I am terrified of it making me sick, it may not give me the flu but it usually makes me feel yucky for a few days. I am glad you got prevented from the flu and hopefully shots don’t make you feel sick like they do with me. 🙂 I am kinda weird, I don’t really take care of me or my health the best most of the time and rarely get sick somehow. I have a feeling though working in retail this winter I will probably end up with the flu or cold at some point. Lol.

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      2. It can have side effects or make you sicker than you would if you just caught the flu. It is because they are literally injecting the flu into your system. It’s weird how they work I guess. Yes best of luck on not getting sick this winter. It is that time of year though where everyone gets a cold or flu etc. lol People think the cold makes you sick but really that’s a myth. When there are extreme temperature changes in the air though will drive germs through the roof. I will especially have to be careful with washing my hands and hygiene as I always do anyways working in retail. Snot ridden kids and people wiping their germs on carts, shelves, products etc. lol I am sure I will battle some kind of cold or something this winter, but meh I’ll choose to ride it out if it happens.


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