Meeting the new staff at the basement club!

so I finally did it. I went in and I met two new staff at the basement club yesterday. It was ok, only ok though.

One of them is a real bitch. She is not a nice person. She looks down on us, just because we have mental illness! She is so patronising! I think she thinks she is somehow better than us because we take meds, and she doesnt!

She’s also very lazy. Yesterday we were trying to organise some gardening and trying to prep the new garden space, and she was like, I’m far too busy to be doing this! I’m doing two peoples work! Like, dont bother me!

The thing is, she wasnt working at all! All she was doing was sitting at a desk in the office, doing absolutely fucking nothing! She didnt even hardly engage with any of us! The old staff would always come out of the office and sit and chat to us. She doesnt though!

Then they held this training yesterday morning, they said we need to do a lunch time hosting thing, where two of us the members would host lunch, so that staff can go on an hours lunch break! The thing is we arent professionals! We arent qualified! We have to basically be in charge while they arent there! There is a phone number to call if we need to get in touch with them, but basically we’re on our own hosting the service. I did the training and then yesterday I got stuck to do the hosting! So I hosted lunch with another member so the staff would be able to go have their lunch, otherwise they said they’d have to close the basement club for an hour while they went on lunch!

The thing is this would never have happened when the old staff were there. They never took an hours break! They always had their lunch with us! They always sat with us and ate. None of this going out of the building to eat!

So yeah I was not impressed. The new staff werent all that! I am glad I went in but god! So many changes!

Thank god two more new staff are going to come next week. A new coordinator and another mental health support worker. One male and one female. I will have to go in and meet them all over again!
carol anne


Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

6 thoughts on “Meeting the new staff at the basement club!”

  1. I’m sorry things have changed so much and how the new staff is treating you. 😢 I know how much you enjoyed going and hanging out there. It is a blasted shame that people who are hired to work there would treat their members so poorly!! Is there anybody especially in management position that you can address your concerns to? Do you know why all the changes are taking place? (((((HUGS))))) Hopefully the other new staff members are nicer when you get to meet them!!


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