getting a new phone tomorrow

tomorrow I will get a new I phone. An I phone 7. I cant wait.

I tried to get my upgrade through the online service, but the gal I spoke to, she said she needed my bank details, and without them, she said she couldnt tell me what I was entitled to, she said she had to have them to even give me some info on phones that were available to me.

I said, no thank you, I will go to a store to get my phone!

So that is what I am doing! I rang the local store and they were able to tell me what I needed to bring in with me and how much it would be etc.

So tomorrow, a new phone will be in my hands! Yay!

I have decided to give my old phone to my 10 year old niece, if her parents will allow her to have it. If they dont, I will sell it or trade it in for money. I’d rather see my niece have it though.


Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

14 thoughts on “getting a new phone tomorrow”

  1. Maybe trade or sell. As a mom of 6 children, phones seem like such a good idea until they have them. At age 10 it could have detrimental affects to her mental health and social growth. I’d have a totally different/indifferent opinion if she was 16 or older. It is so sweet of you to be thinking of her and wanting to give her such a special gift. You are definitely a “cool aunt!”
    (Also, disregard my opinion if it is unwanted. I just felt compelled to share my thoughts on it.)

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    1. Yes I hear you. And I do tend to agree, it might be detramental to her. Her mom and dad may not want her to have it, or may want her to wait until next year when she is a little older. your opinions always welcome! xxx

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  2. I am due for an upgrade too! Can’t wait, next month is my birthday month and I really want a new phone, new case, and iPad. Might be asking for too much, but we shall see what future hubby thinks!
    And that’s so sweet of you to think of your niece. I hope they allow her to have it. Meeting up to swap and trade can get a little stressful sometimes.


      1. Me too!!! I actually the 7s I think. We switched networks, so they gave us the newest ones that had come out. So I’ll be upgrading to an 8, but I want the Plus. I find myself needing something a little bigger at times. And then I want the iPad to hopefully replace my laptop. So I’ll probably get a keyboard for it to. When money allows for it 😂 I’m dreaming big! I’ll get there!

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