Moms finally home and other thoughts about today

today was good. mom finally got home aroune 7:30 tonight. she had fun so that is good. we were chatting earlier and she said she doesnt think i’d like camping at all. she said she thinks it wouldnt be my scene. im not sure if i would. i’d like to try it out, but then if i didnt end up liking it I’d be sorry wouldnt i? so maybe i will stick to doing other fun things, and just not go camping. it is probably for the best. she was telling me the tent my sis has is so small…it only sleeps 5 or six. anyway she said to get in to it you have to crawl in on your knees, and then zip it up. there are only two rooms in it. my sis is thinking of buying a bigger one though as they are thinking of going camping again next year. the other thing that i wouldnt like is all the bugs. wasps are rampant this month, and they’d be around our food, yuck. i’d hate that plus i am terrified of them. so no, she’s probably right, i wouldnt like it. i’m glad she does though and i’m glad she enjoyed herself. oh one other reason? i think i’d be very bored. all they did by day was sit around and chatted, drank, and ate. not for me at all. they did have a little electricity though. they were able to charge their phones, and mom was able to use her nebulizer each morning. but they couldnt use a kettle, heater, or any big appliance, as that would have blown the whole system. i was glad to see her home though. i did miss her and i was getting sick of my dad lol. i love him and all but he’s a nightmare at the best of times to spend time with. everything has to be just so. he has a routine and he never strays from that. he is a bit OCD lol. well no, he’s not diagnosed, but we all think he has it. he’s quite controlling and likes to be in control of everything. so yeah. i’d had enough after spending all weekend with him. other than that im having a good evening. i napped earlier in the day after reading for a while. i’m reading groomed by casey watson. its a good read. although i’ve only read four chapters of it so far. its getting interesting now though.


Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

6 thoughts on “Moms finally home and other thoughts about today”

  1. Camping is a really specific thing–that tent sounds huge to me. We used to have tents that are only one room that you sleep in and keep all your gear in, and it’s usually like a triangle or a sort of square. Not having sight might be really hard in that setting, since pretty much it’s in nature, so you do what is there, whether it’s swimming or taking walks, or I usually read a lot of paperbacks or write. Maybe you can go just for an overnight one time to find out if you like it. The nature can be great, and the air can be wonderful, and yet you will certainly find some bugs and I know you hate and fear wasps. The times I have been camping have been mostly in association with something else, like a big group is all together for an event that weekend, so there is entertainment provided by others, even if it’s just sitting around singing with a guitar or a drum circle or something, and chatting with others.


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