Allie-I had therapy time

so we just got home from therapy. we had a good session. i had a lot of the session and so did lexi. we spent time with eileen just talking. it felt good. i love having time with eileen. she makes me feel safe. so comforting and good to talk to her. today she helped us to make a beach inside. she asked us what we’d like to have inside so that when we’re not out we can have fun too. i said a beach. cuz i love the beach. so we used the pulsers and we did some guided imagery and we created a beach inside. we were talking about moods and eileen was telling me how moods are like the sea. cuz the sea goes in and out the tide does. and she said moods are like that they go up and down. and thats ok. she kept saying its totally ok. i was a little mad some of the time but only because i didnt want her to leave us. and i felt bad about her going. she said she understood. and that it is ok to be mad and i dont have to be nice to her if i dont feel like it. she was sick though with a head cold so i didnt want to be too mad at her. i was telling her we rested yesterday cuz the bigs werent feeling good. she told me she did too and she said she feels better today because she took time to rest up. we also created a gym inside. and a play area with trampelines and a basket ball hoop and all of the kids can use it. she said we can keep adding stuff if we need to and if we think of more things we can add them in. i like doing the EMDR. it feels good and its not too hard. eileen goes slow with us. she doesnt make it stressful. we talked a little about our mom. we were talking about how our mom does a lot of things for us and eileen said actions speak louder than words sometimes. that she shows her love for us by the things she does for us. and that she might not be able to talk about our past with us but she is trying to make up for it now by showing us how much she cares about us. i agree. she is really trying. i do wish she’d talk about our past sometimes and recognise us for who we are. but she cant. and thats ok cuz we have eileen and dr. barry, and they see us and recognise us. so that is good, right? we read our new book finally too today. it is a real good book. there were lots of pictures in it that eileen described to us as she read it. i enjoyed the book and we recorded it so we’ll have it. and oh i nearly forgot. eileen gave us something from her office to look after while she’s away. she gave us a willow tree figure, angel of friendship. we’re going to keep it safe until she comes back, and we’ll know she’s coming back because we have to go to her office and give it back to her. its really nice to have something of hers to keep. it lets us feel closer to her. and we love willow tree figures to and we collect them so that is cool as well. so all in all it was a very good session. and i feel good after it.
allie 9


Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

10 thoughts on “Allie-I had therapy time”

  1. Allie, that sounds like a great session. I’m glad you have some play area now in the system, and it’s fabulous that Eileen read to you and gave you the willow tree figure. And that you talked through so many things, that’s really good. I think it’ll help you a lot to get through the time when she’ll be away.

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  2. I’m so glad you had a good time. Now you have lots of things to think about and listen to. I have a question, though. Is there another Ally who spells her name differently and is 10 instead of 9 in your system?


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