Healthy eatings gone out the window

im not kidding. its so hard. i ate way too much bread today. and i ate less fruit and drank less water. time to focus. focus focus carol anne!

I have to do better! I need to be down some weight this coming week, if I am not it will be a tragedy!

I havent exercised again this week not since thursday when I did my workout on my phone. I have to try to motivate myself! It just has to be done!

At least only 2 days of this week are over. So I have another 5 to go where I can try to do better! Make healthier choices!

Whose cheering me on?


Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

28 thoughts on “Healthy eatings gone out the window”

  1. It’ll be OK< I believe you can motivate and do it just great. Everyone has worse days when they have a hard time motivating. I'm sure you'll do much better from now on as you realise now what you do wrong and want to change it. a

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  2. It’s good to recommit, but don’t fall into a destructive self-blame pattern for one off week. If you aren’t down, you always have the next week to get back to it. It’s good to push yourself- but be kind also while you do.

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  3. You can do it and I agree with lavenderandlevity: please do not start the blame game. That would only be destructive. You deserve two days off and now you can get back into your changed habits because you already done it!

    I am cheering you on. 🙋 Cheering you on! 👍 Cheering you on…. ❤👏

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  4. I am cheering you on !!! I am on a similar journey as you. Keep the good work you have done in mind. Bouncing back from a bad stretch is part of weight loss…maybe the toughest part…

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  5. It is hard. I find that eating more high-quality protein (eggs, fish, etc.) helps to keep cravings for the “bad” foods away. Since I stepped up my protein consumption a few months ago, I’ve eaten a lot less sugar and junk.

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  6. The trick to lasting change is allowing yourself to have a few slip ups but acknowledging that they’re just that, slip ups, not failures. You’re still on the journey. It really helped me lose weight by finding things that were healthy that I really love eating. I eat a ton of fruit with Chile lime seasoning. Could it be healthier, sure, but it is also healthier than a bad of crisps. So, I consider it a success, one that I know I can sustain. It’s all about balance. You can do it

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