todays Therapy session. Preparing for eileens holiday

hey everyone
carol anne here. we had a good therapy session today. most of it was spent preparing for Eileens upcoming holiday.
At the start of the session an insider who doesnt come out very often was out. That was interesting. She was a little bit disorientated and distressed but luckily eileen was able to help her and see that she was ok.
Eileen then reiterated to us that its not very safe for insiders who dont front much to be out because they dont know about our life now, and they dont really know what to do or how things work. Luckily this insider was able to communicate with emily, and emily was able to tell her how to get us to therapy. The rest of us werent really able to do anything as we werent able to communicate with her.
Anyway. It got sorted and she was able to go back inside and I was able to come out. And then we worked on preparing for Eileens vacation. Eileen said she wants to take this week and next week before she leaves to do some work with us for when she’s gone. Today we worked with the light adults and the dark adults, and next week it will be the kids turn to work with her.
Basically what we did was this. We worked on putting all of our memories and the things we’d been working with her on into a box. And then locking them in a vault until we see her again after her holiday. That way we wont be over run with memories and triggers while she’s gone. I thought this was a fab idea.
It was hard but we did it. With eileens help of course. Basically she told each of us that we had a box, an iron box to put all of our memories in. Each box has a combination lock on it and only the person who owns the box knows the code to the lock. Then we put them in a room, and only eileen knows the code to the room. Nothing can leak out until she returns.
The darks did it a little differently. Liz made a room underground in their castle and herself and willow and wendy brought all of their boxes down there. Liz is the one who knows the combination code on the room where their boxes are. Liz did the work for the darks today and I did it for the lights.
I’m happy with how it all went. It was a first for us. None of our previous therapists had ever done anything like that with us. It felt like such a huge weight had been lifted when we did it. It was a huge relief. Relief just flooded through me once it was done.
Next week eileen will spend the session with the kids. She said we can bring our digital recorder in and a book and she will read to them and we can record it to have while she is gone. So we are going to bring in a new book called where ever you are my love will find you. The kids are excited. She has been meaning to read this book now for a few weeks but we just never got around to it. So it will be nice for them to have her read it to them.

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

6 thoughts on “todays Therapy session. Preparing for eileens holiday”

  1. I think Eileen’s continuing training is really helping her be creative. I’d never heard of putting things in a box before either. I think that’s pretty neat! Because there are so many of you with differing needs, Eileen is really staying on top of things and that’s good!

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  2. You are so fortunate to have Eileen❤❤❤ She really seems to understand what you need and she seems to really care about all of you! I know her holiday is very hard on you. But I am glad she validates your feelongs and gives you things to hold onto when she has to be gone from you for a while.


  3. What a creative idea with putting memories into a box, sounds fabulous indeed. I’m glad you had such a productive session and hope that next week the kids will have some good time spent with Eileen as well to have some nice memories of that last session before she goes on vacation.


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