Lindas prompt for SoCs this week is…organ.

One Christmas when I was 8 I got an organ as a gift. I loved it. It was a huge organ, on a stand. I would sit for hours playing it, I think that Is where my love of music started. All my little friends would come in the house in to my bedroom and we’d have contests and competitions to see who could play the best. I’m sure it drove my mom crazy but she was a good sport about it. I had that organ for years. I cant actually remember what happened to it. I must have outgrown it at some point though. It is one of my childhood memories that I treasure. I went on to learn piano and I think my love of the piano all started when I would bang tunes out on my organ.
Those were very happy days.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 21/18

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

19 thoughts on “#SoCs-Organ!”

  1. That’s great. Do you have a keyboard now to play? You can have them with headphones so it doesn’t frighten the neighbours if you’re not that good at it!


      1. My mother’s friend, a guy I knew growing up, won a million dollars recently, and they gave him about $600,000.00 of it and kept the rest for taxes. That isn’t bad, especially since he is a bit older and could really use it. Too bad he couldn’t work out a better arrangement for taxes though.


      2. It is a lot. The tax laws changed a lot recently so the crooks on top could benefit more, but it used to be that if you had a lot over a certain amount it was taxed highly. There used to be the option to get the payout over twenty years or so, so then you get $50,000.00 a year and pay taxes on that plus whatever other income you have. That would make sense to me, since many people who win money might invest it and live off the income anyhow, I would think. I would love to have an extra $50,000.00 handed to me per year, on top of whatever the household brings in. There was a family near us that won a million dollars in the lottery maybe forty years ago, and they had something like 11 kids so they really needed it. They pissed it away on foolish things like boats within a year, and went back to being poor. Too bad.


      3. That’s the truth. There are fortunately more article online now about how to go about getting reliable help like investment people and lawyers and how to deal with it. The best experience though is just being able to balance your own budget when you have whatever modest amount you have, and then the rest sort of expands into it–


      4. Of course it’s hard, but there have been times when I did well on what I made, and times after I had an unisured accident that disabled my leg and I had to teach myself to walk again that i maxed out the credit cards, intentionally pretending they were someone nice, since my mother was being an unkind jerk those days. She inherited some good money, like maybe $100,000.00, out of the blue from a great-aunt or uncle or someone, and out of it gave me a twenty-dollar bill, knowing I couldn’t walk but still had to support myself. Thanks mom!

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