Rude taxi driver

as some of you are aware I have to get taxi’s a lot. Every week I get a taxi to slimming world, and usually it is a relatively straightforward process.
A few times lately though I’ve had a driver who was extremely rude. He was smoking an Ecig in the car, which is against the law. He was taking me out of my way, going all the long way around and then charging me extra for the fare. He was driving eratically and then blaming everyone else on the road for his bad driving.
Last week when he overcharged me again and drove eratically for not the first time, my pa said she didnt feel safe getting in the car with him any more.
she asked me if she could call the taxi firm. I said she could.
so she called them. apparently this guy has been in trouble with the firm in the past. people have complained him. he’s been brought into the office and had a talking too.
so I was like well if thats the case why didnt they fire him?
Anyway he will no longer be picking me up. and the boss in the company said I could have my next taxi fare free of charge. So tonight I dont have to pay on the way to slimming world.
I’m glad my PA did what I couldnt do. I was too scared to complain him. I didnt want to make trouble even though he was clearly in the wrong.
I’m just glad its sorted out now and there will be no further incidents.


Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

12 thoughts on “Rude taxi driver”

  1. Uh he sounds like a real jerk, would drive me crazy. Good though you don’t have to pay today, always something. and, after all, maybe it’s not as much of a flaw in your PA now that she’s so direct and offhand as you said previously? šŸ˜‰ I mean, very direct people can be pretty annoying but it’s good she was with you and dealt with it kinda on your behalf, many people wouldn’t be so brave.


  2. That’s good your PA sorted this for you. He should be sacked then for obviously being a repeated offender, as he is no helping their business.
    I have changed taxi services three years ago, as I was getting fed up with several drivers lack of skills, lack of customer service and not feeling safe. Even a couple of the drivers I used to feel safe with, I started not to, because of their driving habits that seemed to appear. With this and lateness on top, or never turning up, even after you have rang three times to ask where is the taxi, I thought sod this and completely changed. I feel much safer with the taxi company I now use, but unfortunately, I am noticing how the drivers on a weekend are appearing 15 or 20 minutes past my pick up time. I know that weekends are busy, but when you have booked hours in advance, to find this happening, then they should give a different time.


      1. It is annoying. I can accept when they are occasionally late, but it’s every Saturday I have used them, when coming from a friend’s house now.


      2. Certainly is. But when you have a bad experience with several drivers, as tough as it is, always best to ditch I personally think and hope you ind a better one. I hope you don’t have any further problems, since your PA complained. x


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