from one very hot pup!

hi you guys! 😀
its me, nitro! and you know what? i’m boiling! i cant get enough water! i’m just so hot! i’m drinking tons and tons of cold cold water! 😀 my mom says she’s never seen me drink so much water! but whats a dog to do in this heat? its so unbearable! my coat is fluffy and thick and i get so hot! i need to lie on the cool ground just to cool down. of course i have a blanket but its far too hot to lie on that. so instead i’m laying on the cool floor by moms bed. mom wants me close to her. i was sitting in the living room with nana and grandad. they’re watching tv. its very boring though. i was sooo bored! 😀 i had enough of that so sloped off to mommy in the bedroom. she was so pleased and she gave me lots of pats and cuddles! im looking forward to tomorrow, grandad said he’d take me for a walk! i cant wait! I’m very thrilled at the idea of going out walking! he always takes me for walks. if it isnt too hot he’ll take me, but even if its going to be hot he’ll probably still take me, he takes me out early in the morning before the sun gets to be too hot. i wonder if i’ll be able to sleep tonight in this heat? 😀 who knows, maybe I’ll keep mom awake! She wont be thrilled if I do that 🙂
well wags and licks to ou all my blog friends!


Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

2 thoughts on “from one very hot pup!”

  1. Hhrrru? Nitro!
    I’m very ot too and drinking a lot. I love water and I always drink a lot, but now I could drink the ocean if I could. I have a new bowl for water and I’m excited.
    Yeah TV is boring, Mum and Dad watch it often but I don’t do it with them unles they stroke me, I prefer to be at Mila’s or play with Zofijka or do my own thing.
    It’s soooo cool you’re going for a walk with grandad tomorrow, you’re lucky. I don’t go for walks with anyone, only sometimes and very short.
    It would be a pity if you couldn’t sleep, I always sleep, no matter the weather, I could sleep all the time if I hadn’t anything better to do, I love love love to sleep.
    Mishlicks and mishpurrs.


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