question of the day. psychiatrist

do you get along with your psychiatrist? do you like him or her? are they a good doctor in your opinion? why/why not?


Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

20 thoughts on “question of the day. psychiatrist”

  1. I stopped seeing my last psychiatrist a couple of years ago because I was really unhappy with how he handled something. Since then I’ve found a family doctor, and I’m really happy with him. He approaches my treatment like we’re a team rather than him being the one that makes all the decisions.


  2. I loved my psychiatrist. Then she left the clinic, so now Im stuck with a psych nurse. She is nice too. But I preferred Dr. G. She helped me a lot.


  3. I don’t have a psychiatrist just a therapist. I like mine as a person and she seems like someone I could be good friends with.

    But I do not feel I get what I should out of our meetings at all. I do not feel we really work on anything. I feel we just chat about whatever is going on at the time like I do with my bff. The one I had before her was great, she held me accountable for going to the doctor and getting thinngs taken care of. She give me things to work on between meetinbgs and we talk about the why and things behind how i felt or what is going on or what. I need that at times.


      1. I do not go often maybe once a month or every few months. Just so I can say I am still going so that my doctor will fill my medications for me. If I am not going they will make me go see their person and I do not want to make that drive all the time and do not like the options around me.

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  4. Generally, in the U.S., psychiatrists concentrate on prescribing medicine. Therapists handle the rest. My therapist is highly skilled, empathetic, patient and caring and challenges me. I think one of the most important things he does for me is putting me in charge of where we go in my therapy. This can be daunting as I have gotten through life following everyone else’s lead and being a people pleaser. Once I choose what road we are to go down each session, he then helps facilitate by perhaps asking a question or asking me what emotion I am feeling, for example. Although, I still like to make the people around me feel good when possible, I no longer see it as my chief responsibility. I now know that what I want and feel matters too and insist on this in my relationships and interactions. I can take the lead now instead of just responding to other’s desires. I set good boundaries and do not allow people to walk all over me. Anyway, I love my therapist. He is a safe haven during the many storms of my life whether they be internal or external.

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  5. I think I have the best psychiatrist of the world. He is very kind, understanding, always reliable, supportive but can also talk to me in a kind of tough way if he is not pleased with something. I think this is very good. I like him VERY much.

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  6. Oh I forgot something. He is very skilled in Traumatherapy and he diagnosed me with DID. Sometimes I feel stuck in therapy but he does not go away and he is as “stubborn” as I am and that is why I think we are gradually getting somewhere. Only problem I find him handsome which is sometimes a problem for me as I am married and my children think I should not be too fond of him. Anyway I suppose it is because I have NEVER had someone who REALLY cared so much and who would REALLY listen except my husband and him. So I think I can be VERY lucky to have such a skilled person and expert in dissociative disorders alongside us.

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