The royal wedding

so i gave in. i decided to watch the royal wedding.
mom had it on the tv so i really had no choice. well ok i had a choice, i could have walked out of the room. but anyway, i decided to watch it.
it was really good, i enjoyed the singing. the choirs that sang in it were nice.
i’d say there was a massive amount of security there though. there were over 2000 people lining the street and outside the church to watch it on a big screen.
plus then it was also shown on the tv. so really the entire world got to see harry and megan be married. i cant quite fathom that. can you imagine the whole world looking on as you got married?
i dont think i’d like that at all.
mom said the carriage they got into at the end of the church service was beautiful, a horse drawn carriage. i wonder if they showed the royal wedding in the states, since megan is from america?
I’m glad I decided to watch it though. It was very interesting.
Did you watch it? Do you have interest in the royals?
carol anne

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

48 thoughts on “The royal wedding”

      1. Yeah in the Tudor times Queen elizabeth 1st died, she had no children, so the successor was James the 1st of England who was James 6th of Scotland, they were the Stuarts, then it all starts getting a bit complicated with us, chopping off a few kings heads and then having to bring them back from Germany.


  1. My Mum was watching some part of it when she had a little free time and I was around then so we did both, but we didn’t watch the whole wedding. I can say I am kinda interested in the British royal family but not to the extent I follow everything about them. Yeah I also wouldn’t like my wedding to be watched by the whole world, that’s a little bit scary and overwhelming perspective imo. You have to be used to being in the spotlight since your childhood, I guess, to cope with it well, otherwise it’s rather shocking.


  2. I didn’t watch it but looked at the pictures as soon as I could. It was beautiful and they both looked like they were so happy and in love. The BEST part of all, though, was finding out that Meghan’s mother is a social worker. Being a social worker myself, it made me proud to see one of our own sitting up there with all the royals and aristocrats.


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