Can someone explain a ping back to me

I want to know how to do a ping back on WordPress, can someone explain to me?

I’ve tried googling it, no joy, I can’t seem to follow what the articles are saying.

Would someone be able to help me, Trina, I know you tried, but I didn’t seem to get what you said either.

I need is explained in really really simple terms and explain how to do it as well.

Someone who is blind like Amelia if you can explain it to me that would be great? What do you do I mean.

Thanks guys, I appreciate all the comments and explanations

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

10 thoughts on “Can someone explain a ping back to me”

  1. It happens if you link to a post on someone’s site. It has to be the URL for the page on their actual website, not the post in WordPress reader, and then the person will get a pingback notification show up in their notifications. So if you open the person’s post in WordPress reader, then click on the post title, it’ll take you to the post on their webpage. Copy that URL, and then paste it onto the post you’re writing, and when you publish your post they’ll get a pingback. Hope that helps!


  2. If you write a post via email, you just have to put the link to someone’s post you want to pingback into your email, and that’s the whole philosophy. However if you’ve figured out how to do links with Jaws and WordPress editor, I would rather recommend you to write posts with pingbacks via the editor, because then it looks more clear and professional. In the email you can only paste the link and it will just look like https:// etc. and you can’t add any text to be displayed instead of it, while in the editor you can do it, so that people know what the link is for and where it goes. So you need to copy the link to the post you want to pingback, put it into your post, and when you publish it, they will get a notification that you pingbacked their post so it’ll be easier for them to get back to you and they will know you referred to their post. You can also pingback your own older posts for example if you refer to something you wrote before and want you readers to get the context. It’s a pity there seems to be no way you can add a text to display instead of URL in an email, well at least I don’t know any way for it, but it would be certainly much easier for us – blind people. Sometimes I am just lazy and want to write a post quickly so I just do it via email, so if that’s significantly easier for you, you can stick to it and just paste links into the email as they are. Hope that helps.


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